Marc Basnight

I am sure that brighter, better-informed and more experienced folk who follow politics in NC have already posted in response to the news that Senator Marc Basnight has been diagnosed with Lou Gherig's disease. I am equally certain that I won't be the last to do so, given Basnight's service to this state. But I want to go on record saying how fortunate I feel for having worked within the sphere of his influence. I did not always agree with him, nor always like him, but I certainly did enjoy watching him at work. My best to Senator Basnight and his family.


Stepping out from lurking to

Stepping out from lurking to echo. Good man who loves NC and its people, all of them, regardless of who or where they are. Did a lot for the environment, education, and buried a lot of bad, like the marriage amendment, annexation, etc. Kept the state legislature from being the sea of bleak it is now.

I can't think of many worse things

to happen to someone than ALS. Sorry to hear of this. Seems like a pretty good guy.

Stan Bozarth