A map that might be useful for challenging NC's voting districts

Slate has a piece on a map created from 2010 census data that visualizes race in America in a new way.

The researchers who created it, used census data to pinpoint every single person in the country, based on race. It allows you to see specific distribution of whites and minorities in towns and neighborhoods.

Anyone with some computer expertise that could do some custom views of this map and analysis about NC's voting districts?

Any other ideas on what you could do with this kind of data and visualization?

Article at Slate - Map at Cooper Center


Thanks for sharing this, Teddy.

Hadn't seen this yet.

Sure wish I was a whiz at data visualization. It could really come in handy in the ongoing litigation around voter suppression.

Splitting districts

The reason I thought this might be really useful is that it might show how neighborhoods or clusters of voters on a small scale are impacted by the voting district lines. The districts might be racially "balanced" overall, but, when looking closer you could see how clusters of minority voters are split that live in a particular area.