Make Zeb's day

As ya'll know by now, the right wing Puppetshow (aka, the John Locke Foundation) doesn't allow commentary on their statewide blogs. They do, however, have some local blogs that I visit from time to time to see what the Puppet munchkins are up to. It's occasionally enlightening, sometimes amusing, and mostly scary. For example, take this missive (please) from one Zeb Wright in Wilmington.

The Washington Post is featuring a troubling article discussing the likelihood that if Iran were to be attacked, they would most likely dispatch Hezbollah operatives to carry out acts of terror. Yeah, yeah, I know we are going to pursue all diplomatic options. Obviously, as stated in the article, if the US were to take part in a pre-emptive strike as part of a larger coalition and Iran was to dispatch terrorist operatives to attack the US or it’s interest, it would be the quickest escalation to full scale war you can imagine.

For all of those folks who are tired of the Iraq War, if this situation in Iran goes hot, you haven’t seen anything yet. I truly do hope solutions can be reached through diplomatic channels, particularly with Russia and China applying pressure to Iran.

I am so sick of having to explain what we are doing in Iraq and the Middle East to folks stuck in pre-9/11 mentality. All the naysayers seem to be MSM consumers unable to hear an alternative.

I'll just bet old Zeb is sick of having to explain what we're doing in Iraq. That happens when what you're explaining makes no damn sense. If we ever hear from Mr. Wright, I'll bet he'll say we're fighting them over there so we won't have to fight them over here and the freedom is on the march and that 'Merica is stronger and more secure because we're busy starting World War III.

So stop by and call bullshit on Zeb Wright. Lord knows he needs some site traffic.


PS I'm sorry I criticized the Puppetshow for not allowing comments. I understand their reluctance. It would be like taking the top off the barrel of fish.



You have to register to comment . . . and it's definitely not worth that kind of trouble to argue with a Bushbot.

Zeb's a teeny bit smarter than his compatriots


I looked at Zeb's site, and he's answered your question (What's the diff between pre- and post-9/11 viewpoints): He says (with some editing):

In my opinion, pre-9/11 mentality is best explained with two basic premises:

  1. Most industrialized nations see the
    greatest threat coming from other
    nation-states, as opposed to non-state
  2. Pre-9/11 acts of terrorism were looked at and examined as crimes.

The obvious conclusion of his two premises is this:

  • We should fight terrorism by fighting non-state actors.

Now, Lance, you've got to admit that Zeb is smarter than most of his compatriots because he actually sees the cognitive dissonance between the obvious conclusion and the actions of the Bush administration:

This leads to an obvious question about my viewpoint on Iraq.

He goes on to (try to) explain the obvious contradiction, relying - surprise! - on the claim that Saddam had a "nexus to terrorist organizations".

His premises actually help finger yet another piece of Bush stupidity. As soon as he got into office, Bush simply dropped all of Clinton's initiatives to achieve peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

But according to the post-9/11 mentality, we should be trying to create a Palestinian state, right? It seems to me that Clinton had a post-9/11 mentality way before Bushy did.

BTW, what is the "MSM" that Zeb keeps referring to? Not even Google shows me anything very interesting except vitamins or something. But if Zeb's against it, I'd like some myself.


Just in case that wasn't snark, MSM is main-stream media.
The funny thing about MSM is that Republicans use it to describe everyone but FoxNEWS as overly liberal.
Democrats use MSM to describe everyone but AirAmerica as overly conservative. We don't consider FoxNEWS "news" at all, but propaganda.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

MSM is Main Stream Media

or as some call it, traditional media, or corporate media or for-profti media.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

MSM - Thanks!

My head is already so full of TLAs that I guess there hadn't been room for "MSM" before. Now, it should be there for awhile. Wonder what got pushed out? ;-)


You should have seen this business brochure I worked on recently. It had SAP, PLM, ESA, SOA, ERP, ROI and SCM all inside of four pages! The scary thing is that I know what they all mean.