October 15: Orange Crush Day

The number of people who will have the option of mailing in their ballots is more than EIGHT times the number in 2016. That means several hundred thousand people will have the option of voting by mail if they want or need to. See the data below.

For what it's worth, I've requested my mail-in ballot and I will use it if necessary. Right now I'm thinking I'll vote early, in person, on October 15, the first day of early voting. I am more than happy to risk my life to vote against Donald Fucking Trump.



Not Even Hyperbolic

I will be voting in person too. I will take precautions and bring along a can of Lysol I found in the garage and will not hesitate to strike out like a mad dog if some fool gets too close. There really has never been a more important election. I beg people to do what they have to to vote.

Requested mail ballot but....

I'd rather vote in person early. My voting place is in a "poor" side of town. Luv it when someone hands me a "conservative" voting guide because I'm a 60 something, blue eyed, bald headed white guy....then see the look on their face when I tell them I'm a Yellow Dog...priceless.