Mackey Vote Protested, Will be Reviewed

The election of the new sheriff in Mecklenburg County just took another turn. It could get ugly. Most of us knew this was coming. There had been rumors, some substantiated, that the precincts newly organized by Nick Mackey had not been organized following party protocol. Jane Whitley, former secretary for the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party plans to file a formal protest with the state party.

This comes as no surprise to me. Jane Whitley knows the rule book inside and out. She's the person you turn to if you don't want to read the rule book because she has it memorized. She's the person you want on your team to keep you from inadvertently breaking the rules. She's a stickler. If you want to squeeze by the rules, Jane is the pain in your butt who stops you.

Sadly, the head of Charlotte's Black Political Caucus says this looks racist. From the CharO:

"Some would say this definitely has racist overtones to it -- the black guy won instead of the white guy," said Dwayne Collins, chairman of the Black Political Caucus. "It definitely has overtones of sour grapes."

I say sadly, because I know Jane and she is not a racist. She doesn't care what color Nick Mackey's skin is. I don't doubt that some people are motivated to complain about the outcome simply because of the color of Mackey's skin. I do think tossing out accusations of racism at everyone who files a protest is sad.

You might recall earlier this year I organized my precinct. June Theda at the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party informed me before the party's county convention that we would not be able to vote because I had not organized it by the deadline. Later, it turns out that one of the men who made up my team of five Democrats was not a registered Dem. He might have voted Dem and he might have seen himself as a Democrat, but he was registered as unaffiliated. It wasn't until after the county convention that they were able to determine this. It was appropriate to prevent us from voting until after our precinct was reviewed.

There are reasons that the precincts must be organized a certain amount of time prior to a vote. The biggest is to give the county party time to verify that those voting are qualified by their registration and by other organizational rules to actually cast a vote. That doesn't appear to have happened here. At least, that is what is being claimed.

If it turns out that the precincts organized by Mackey were organized appropriately, don't you think that's something he and his supporters would want to have out in the open? Then, Mackey could say he not only out hustled Bailey, but he followed the rules in doing so.


Thanks for the update.

What a mess.

I'm glad to hear there's "Jane" on the ground who is a straight-shooter and knows the rules.

What are the rules

What are the rules for announcing meetings? Is it going to come down to he said she said or are there specific rules about what constitutes a public announcement of the organizational meeting?

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Ha! Like they'd take her


Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

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what is disapointing

What sucks is that this protest is going to destroy a lot of the organizing that was done in these previously unorganized precincts.

It is also going to drive the newly minted activists, mostly African Americans, from the party.

Establishment 1 Grassroots Activists 0

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If his selection was the result of this organizing then I am happy to see it go. Nothing good can come of his appointment or those that appointed him in the future. This whole process needs to be done away with. The voters of Mecklenburg County should be voting for a new sheriff in a special election, in which Bailey would win overwhelmingly of course. 300 people shouldn't be making the decision for several hundred thousand.

Hopefully, this protest can reverse this grave error in judgment that was made Thursday night.

Carolina Politics Online

I don't have any opinion on the Meck. Sheriff issue.

I'm not educated on the topic, and don't think I can affect it in one way or another.

However - I know how hard it is to get precincts organized. It's difficult if the precincts are only organized around a particular candidate, and not specifically for the good of the Party. However, you take the organization you can get and you build on it. I hope that the Mecklenberg Dems are able to get past the issues and challenges that this presents and continue to build their organization.

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Don't know much about the Meck. Sheriff either

But I thought it interesting that "The Soup" commented on it. I always thought that blog was Raleigh-oriented, but "Miss Dish" is all worked up about this election.

It definitely looks interesting.

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If anyone can get their virtual hands on that email

that went out encouraging precincts to be organized, I would like to read it. I would like to know, specifically, if it names an organizer for each precinct or is it a blanket call for organizing.. My GUESS is that it was a blanket call to organize. IF that is the case then the county leadership brought this mess on themselves.

Organizing precincts is tough but procedures should be followed; this Mackey problem is the reason why.

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

The County Party

The county party had no problem seating the newly organized precincts at the meeting last Thursday. In fact David Erdman, the county chair commented on the size of the assembly and welcomed all the new faces in the crowd.

I just wonder if this protest would have been filed if Bailey would have won or is it just sour grapes?

"jump in where you can and hang on"
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I guess he could have asked for their fingerprints

and had a computer handy to verify they were all registered Democrats.

Of course he welcomed them. Why wouldn't he? That doesn't mean the precincts were organized appropriately. Why wasn't my precinct allowed to vote last spring if actual organization tactics/details don't matter? Is it OK with you just because your guy won? Why would the party follow the rules last spring and not this fall?

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nit picking

Bailey had every opportunity to help organize those same precincts plus the ones that would have helped him. I don't believe there were any disputes concerning precincts being organized by two different groups and I didn't see many/any newly organized surburban precincts.

Bailey got out hustled, out organized, and out campaigned.

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy


That doesn't make Mackey the man for the job. I did hear of disputes over different groups organizing, but I haven't brought it up. Actually, it wasn't two groups - just that two long-standing party activists had their precincts organized out from under them. Someone got there and signed in, but the precincts were supposedly already organized. It's this sort of thing that will be cleared up with a review.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.