Lying liars and the lies they lie about

If you haven't read Al Franken's book about the tsunami of lies coming from the so called mainstream media, don't bother. It's certainly on point, but it's woefully outdated. Because in the brief period since its publication, the miasma of lies spread by wingers, media monopolies, the Republican congressional leadership and little King George has completely eclipsed anything examined and reported in Al's book.

So here's my question: Why are Republican's such pathological liars?sleaz

Just look at ScAlito . . . hemming and hawing to avoid telling the truth about anything that might stand in his way on the road to POWER. He's happy to tell it straight about a host of constitutional issues, but when it comes to the ONE issue that will dump his ass in hot water, he lies, lies, lies.

And what about wingers in Congress? Today they're flat out lying about the quality and quantity of personal armor available to our troops, covering their butts at every turn, trying to blame their gross negligence on someone else.

And who can forget Sad Sue the Liar Myrick, who can't bring herself to acknowledge that she's atramp. She's either a liar or a sociopath . . . and shame on voters who stand behind the witch while she twists reality to fit her pocketbook.

Dems aren't perfect by any stretch, but the level of Republican lying is truly breathtaking.

And I know why they do it: they are quite literally ashamed about their hideous views -- and afraid to have those views known by Mr. and Mr. Average American.

That's why I love true nutcases like Pat Robertson. The only difference between him and his buddies on the right is that he actually says what he thinks. He may be full of crap, but at least he's honest.



The response to the Right

The response when the Right lies should not be the anger and vitriol that is used by the likes on Rush Limbaugh; it should be precise, logical arguments that expose lies and misleading statements. Franken does a great job of this while throwing in some humor, which always helps.

Oh Mr. Gator . . .

there you go being so reasonable again.

I believe we are at the point where outrage, not logic, is the appropriate response to the avalanche of lies. If we spent all our time chronicling the misrepresentations made by wingers, we'd accomplish little else. Even worse, we'd find ourselves back on our heels, continually on the defensive, reacting to an intentionally false agenda.

And frankly, most Americans don't have patience (or the interest) in understanding how deeply their trust is being abused.

I never heard reasonable as an insult before

The question is not how you personally feel about the issue. The question should be how to get others to your/our side. A rant is not persuasive. The only people that are going to read your post and agree with the content are people that already agree with you. Others are just going to brush it off as partisan attacks, which is part of what is turning people off of politics. In an open debate, lies will be exposed and those that say them will lose credibility. Much like is happening with Bush and his approval numbers now; people have had enough. But the way that people get enough is by tough but reasonable critics exposing their faults through logical arguments. One can and should be both a tough voice of dissent and reasonable and logical in the way that they express that dissent.

Sorry . . . no insult intended

I've got to get better at humor, because I obviously wasn't effective in this case.

That said, I'm still not sure I buy the "logical argument" model. People may say they've had enough of gutter politics, but I think their protestations are disingenuous. In fact, I've yet to see much evidence that going negative doesn't work. There may be a core of undecided people left out there who are truly open to being persuaded about integrity issues, but I sure don't know any of them. And I doubt they're spending much time at BlueNC.

Which does raise the question of why we even bother to do this.

For my part, it's first about mobilizing the base, second about engaging more people in dialogue, and third about blowing off steam so my head doesn't explode. I'm not yet sure that we're making any progress on the first two fronts.