Lunatic Fringe: GOP Legislative candidate attacks John Kerry

For trying to preserve Iran nuclear deal Trump trashed:

A day after President Donald Trump slammed former Secretary of State John Kerry for private meetings with a top Iranian official, a North Carolina state Senate candidate lobbed similar accusations in a tweet of his own.

“When will the President Strip Former Sec of State of his Security Clearance,” said Republican Rickey Padgett, who is running to unseat Democrat Mike Woodard in District 22. “With John Kerry now working on the behalf of foreign terrorist governments (Now) should be the answer. Drain the Swamp now! John Kerry should be next!”

Okay, aside from the fact former Secretaries of State have often taken an active role on the world stage to promote diplomatic solutions to potentially dangerous problems, what (in the name of all that's holy) does this have to do with representing people in the NC General Assembly? The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing. But going after national Democrats is a theme for this patently unstable former Durham deputy, like posting a Tweet of Pelosi and Schumer dressed as Nazis (which he has since deleted) and making incredibly racist comments about Maxine Waters:

Padgett claims to be running on “common sense leadership” and is a stalwart supporter of President Donald Trump. In 2017, Padgett posted an image of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) transformed into a monstrous bug with the caption, “Come on Pelosi and you Democrat cock roaches, Trump is on the way!”

In another instance, Padgett compared Representative Maxine Waters to “Aunt Esther,” a character from the 1970s sitcom Sanford and Son. Padgett explained that he thinks this comparison is fair because the character of Esther was “mean, hateful and angry when it came to yelling at Fred, and he handed it right back. Maxine is the same way when it comes to dealing with President Donald Trump and he also hands it right back to Maxine.”

And before you say it, I realize this guy doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating Mike Woodard, and we're too close to the election for distractions like this. But he is not a lone nut-job. It's a good bet one in five registered NC voters out there are right there on the fringe with him, so watch your step when canvassing. Back to the John Kerry thing:

Before Trump’s decision in May to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal — which had lifted some economic sanctions on Iran so long as Iran discontinued its pursuit of nuclear weapons — Kerry worked behind the scenes to preserve the pact, according to a May 4 report by the Boston Globe detailing the quiet lobbying efforts as described by anonymous sources.

Specifically, Kerry met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and made several phone calls to European officials and members of Congress in an effort to rescue the deal. Kerry, who was the nuclear deal’s chief architect under President Barack Obama, said during an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt that he met with Zarif three or four times to discuss the agreement.

Of all of Trump's blunders, this might be the worst of them. Under the deal, we would have had if not unlimited access to potential nuclear sites, at least enough access to more accurately assess Iran's capabilities. And the surrendering of a shitload of enriched Uranium would have prevented that stuff from (possibly) getting into the wrong hands and turned into dirty bombs. We need to get back to that table, and soon.



Antifa made him do it

Antifa made him do it.
They live under his bed.

I'm in Woodard's district so I have seen more of this guy on Facebook than is healthy. He assures us that Antifa!!! is coming to get us and we best WATCH OUT! Durham is exporting Antifa, don't you know. That's what "Do It Like Durham" really means. But he's a cop - or a retired cop - not sure which. That does not make me feel better about the sanity or professionalism of the local police forces.

Yeah, and apparently he made it to Captain

(or something) before the Sheriff's office finally got shut of him. Apparently he used to be a Democrat and then went bat-shit crazy after Obama's second term started. Or, he was crazy all along and too many people covered for him.


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