LTE - Raiding of Clean Water Management Trust Fund

In response to “Loss of grants squelches conservation efforts” (April 5):

Ill effects of Perdue's raid extend to local conservation

The writer is chairman, Mecklenburg County Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Gov. Perdue's raiding of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund will harm not only land trusts but also many smaller organizations.

The Mecklenburg Soil and Water Conservation District had a $70,000 grant from the trust fund to support our nationally acclaimed Urban Cost Share Program, which paid 75 percent of 10 different actions homeowners, schools and churches could take to reduce and clean storm water runoff before it reached to our streams.

Gray Newman

Mint Hill


That's the cost of Greer Beaty

She is the new assistant to the new director of communications at the Department of Transportation. Her salary will be $73,000. I'm sure Greer will do a fine job, but still. Which is more important in the long run? PR for DOT ... or clean water?

had to lay off workers

When we lost the grant, we also lost the matching funds from the city and I had to lay off two wonderful and hardworking women who put their heart and soul into our programs.

I have had to fire people in the past and for the most part that was easy, most people fire themselves through their actions but laying off people really sucks.

meeting with the CWMTF regional rep today

I am meeting with the CWMTF regional rep today and I have a list of questions and comments a mile long for him, not only about our grant but how this raid has affected groups all over the state.

My Mom has a saying: "A little rightous indignation is good for you". I am full of it (go ahead, snark away on that statement) today and ready to roar.