Love Your Local Blogger!

Political bloggers got a pat on the back today from an elected official. (I'm not going to share their name.)

Advocacy no longer works the way it once did, where a group would ignore the elected officials already committed to their cause and those already adamantly against that cause, and focus on trying to persuade those officials who were on the fence. That doesn't work any more.
Our political parties have a 'brand,' a platform they are known to support. And they are hardened in their stance on issues. Interest groups can't reach them. Who can? The people who put them into office.

The best way to put pressure on elected official is to let their constituents know what is going on. Bloggers who attend meetings and write on what they see and hear can make a big impact on individual voters. It is the voters who will reach their representative and influence the vote.

Continue blogging. Attend those meetings and keep writing. It does make an impact.



Good to hear

I know many General Assembly members (from both parties) read BlueNC as well as other state/local blogs, but they rarely acknowledge that. A pat on the back goes a long way in this business. :)

Not only legislators :)

Don't forget about the Executive Branch: Dems on the Council of State read BlueNC and a multitude of state/local blogs as well!

Yes, they do. :)

And we appreciate the updates you give us also, Wayne. That sort of interaction with the people is (unfortunately) a rare thing these days.