Lottery Spending: The General Assembly is the Catch

Closing in on the first week of lottery sales, I figured I would add a little reminder on the fact that lottery sales do not really help education. From WFMY:

But critics are already howling about Easley's plan to use some funds for existing education programs instead of new ones.

Not only that. The funds may not even always going to go to education:

Some other lottery states have passed laws to protect the money. But in North Carolina, the Legislature can decide, with a simple majority vote, to spend the money on something other than schools.


Plus there's a big stink going on about

distribution of proceeds. Seems the mountain folks don't think they're getting their fair share.

Figures. This lottery has been fu*ked up since the get go. No sense having things running smooth now.

FYI: the mountain folks

never think they're getting their fair share. And, from what I've seen in 16 years of living here, there may be something to it. And even though I used they and their instead of we and our, don't get me started . . .

This is funny.

After reading A's comment, I took a sip of my water and thought "the mountain folks never think they're getting their fair share." Then I read on. You keep this up and I'll have more time to spend cataloging and cross-referencing my Simpsons dvds.

great minds????

I'm getting a swelled head. And how does one cross-reference Simpsons DVDs.

Well I was just trying to insert something random

and that's what I came up with. But then I started thinking about how interesting it would be to have a compendium that pointed out all the internal and external references. I'll bet there is such a thing.

Are we gonna post the odds?

I tried to make the same point to a young bubbly lottery pusher at my local convenience store. She was convinced there was no way the money wouldn't go to education.

It was like you should buy lots of tickets like you buy those chocolate bars to help kids go on school trips to D.C.

"It's guaranteed to go to education," she assured me firmly.

When I tried to point out that they could just cut the education budget and replace it with these funds so actually no new money would go to education at all. "No, that can't happen." Okay. Whatever.