The Loss of the Rule of Law - Everywhere

Article in Rolling Stone, "The 9 Billion Witness". Here is what happens when you try to blow the whistle on crime in this government.

The Holder Justice Department and the Obama financial regulatory agencies decided early NOT to prosecute persons over the massive fraud that happened since 2006, and before. Instead, they decided to penalize the corporations and banks (of all types) with fines. In the 1980s, the Savings and Loan Scandal wound up with over 1000 bankers in jail for long terms (i.e. Keating) for fraud of various types (source: Bill Black – who prosecuted many of them).

This is related to the inability of Obama to take action to prosecute the people from the Bush Administration responsible for genocide, massive fraud and theft, torture and human rights violations, etc. etc.

This was nullification of the Rule of Law. There are now levels of Rules of Law according to what you can afford, not your just deserts. In other words, this lawyer made a legal judgment to not prosecute people who committed massive financial fraud and unbelievable political and
criminal fraud. That has resulted in further massive frauds of all categories since no one is prosecuted for anything, and they rush to commit bad deeds.

This is also related to the transfer of massive funds from the public purse and the public to the wealthy, the banksters, the corporations, the CEOs, the 1% without any hesitation. The wolf is afoot and no man or woman, or their children are safe from riot, rape, robbery, and violence from the law – all because Obama allowed the Rule of Law to totally lapse. Taibbi gives a
detailed layout of some of this, and the fact that the banks and the government turned on a whistle blower.

As in Ferguson, MO, none of the police anywhere are your friends and protectors, save random exceptions. The leaders must be moral for the people to be moral. And the corporations acting through the War Department are stealing us all blind. Bush started all this against Rule of Law but Obama and Holder accelerated it beyond imagination. Ask yourself why Roy Cooper, AG of NC did not pursue mortgage fraud with clear cases in hand.