The long racist history of Thomas Farr

It's a lot more sinister and ingrained than you think:

Founded in 1937 to pursue “race betterment” for those “deemed to be descended predominantly from white persons who settled in the original thirteen states prior to the adoption of the Constitution,” the Pioneer Fund was the “primary source for scientific racism” well into the 2000s and one of the key funders of the fight against civil rights in the South from the 1950s onward.

Farr’s connection to the Pioneer Fund comes principally through his longtime boss and mentor, Thomas Ellis, the political mastermind behind the arch-segregationist Senator Jesse Helms. Ellis was a Pioneer Fund director, grantee and close associate of the hate group’s president, Harry Frederick Weyher, Jr., for over 60 years. In the 1980s, hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed from the Pioneer Fund to a tax-exempt foundation called the Coalition For Freedom that was under Ellis’ control and represented by Farr.

This man really has no business even being in a court of law, much less presiding over it. You may want to put on a haz-mat suit before reading any further:

The Pioneer Fund was founded in 1937 by Wickliffe Preston Draper, a reclusive heir to a textile fortune. The Pioneer Fund’s first president Harry S. Laughlin was the most prominent American eugenicist of his era. One of Draper’s early investments was in the work of white supremacist Earnest Sevier Cox, who helped draft an amendment to Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act that outlawed interracial marriage. Cox wrote that he was seeking to prevent “near-white negroids” from being able to “marry into the white race.”

William H. Tucker described the Pioneer Fund’s legacy in his definitive 2002 history of the hate group: "Despite attempts to sanitize Pioneer’s image, it is undeniable that the fund was established to use science to pursue the goals of its founder: the preservation of white supremacy and white racial purity from the threat posed by blacks and undesirable immigrants, especially Jews…"

For decades, the Pioneer Fund did this by supporting like-minded scholars; publishing or republishing racist tracts and research and sending them to opinion leaders, institutions of higher learning, and elected officials; and bankrolling lobbying efforts against civil rights legislation and affirmative action policies.

Just to give you an idea of how generational racism was (and still is, to a certain degree) perpetuated, Draper used his family fortune to bring that white supremacy to college students in Kentucky:

Mrs. Nathaniel P. (Helen Draper) Ayer and her nephew Wickliffe Draper gave funds to create the Jessie Preston Draper Memorial Fund that was dedicated to charitable purposes and the education of White students from the State of Kentucky (Berea Alumnus, 7:7, April 1937, 187). Wickliffe Draper oversaw this philanthropic fund and ultimately gave the whole fund ($194,000 worth of securities) to build this large college classroom building. Helen Draper Ayer, daughter of Jessie Draper, had been interested in rural Kentucky causes for some time and had frequently supported Kentucky Frontier Nursing. As indicated at the time of the gift, the moneys for the Jessie Preston Draper Memorial Fund were designated “to be used for the education of Kentucky mountain boys and girls of northern European descent,”—the Anglo Saxons of Kentucky. Miss Jessie Munger and her brother Henry C. Munger also gave a generous gift for the construction of this building ($50,000). In 1937 and during this latter part of the Depression, 66% of Berea students were Kentucky farm kids. At the same time in Europe, Spain was waging a civil War and Germany Was mobilizing for war. In comparison, Berea was a tranquil sylvan retreat from America and the world.

Bolding mine, because damn. It's people like this that built all these Confederate statues, and many who defend them today aren't much better, regardless of their claims.