Local Shopping for Holiday Gifts

The national scene is still hopping with the illegal spying, transit strike, and other exciting stories. But here in North Carolina it looks like everyone has closed up shop, started the fire, and began sipping on the egg nog. So, I figured that I would join the season. This year I managed to do all of my shopping at local stores, except for one book I picked up at BJ's, but the gift from BJ's was a cook book by Mama Dip in Chapel Hill so it should count as well. I figured I would share my best local spots for finding gifts in Raleigh and ask for help for next year. But first the political commentary: Why is it that progressives, who hate their country, the ones willing to spend more to shop local and keep jobs in the U.S.?

First, my spots:
1) Antique shops in Five Points. I do not like antiques, but most people love them. Acquisitions, Ltd. in Five Points does a great job of getting small gift size items, even though most would not be considered antiques.

2) Raleigh Farmer's Market. A lot of the stands make their own baskets full of North Carolina produce items. Who would not want a wicker basket in the shape of North Carolina full of BBQ sauce.

3) Flea Market. This one is more dicey. You need to look through some crap before you find something. But there is usually a rare book or record outside, and Ander's Natural Soap, which is made in Raleigh, can be found inside.

Now, your spots...



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Carr Mill Mall

in Carrboro is fun and easy and very, very, very local. In fact, Carrboro has something for just about anyone -- outdoor gear, healthy toys for kids, weird toys for adults (I know what you're thinking . . . NOT), beads, bangles, jewelry and more. All in one little shopping spot.

And this from a person who doesn't even live in Carrboro.