Local Sheriff Race and Republican Infighting

Watuaga Watch has it all here:

There's no more popular Republican office-holder in Watauga County than Sheriff Mark Shook. He's received nationwide attention for cleaning up an epidemic of meth labs. He's young and graced with all the benefits and some of the problems of youth.

So naturally the local Republican Party power-structure wants to destroy him. Led by ex-Sheriff Red Lyons, the party has recruited Joe Moody to bring down Shook in a primary. In a profile article in today's Watauga Democrat, Moody says "he wasn't interested in negative campaigning."


Shook competent, yeah right!

Shook gained "Red's" endorsement when he was elected because he promised to keep Red's golden child, Paula Townsend. All the other candidates wanted to fire her because she is a user/abuser of the peoples tax money. Mark fired Paula when she refused to have sex with him, she has filed a law suit saying so. Another female dispatcher has filed a similiar suit agains Shook. Red has endorsed Moody because he has agreed to re-hire Townsend. The whole bunch are corrupt, dishonest, etc... The entire Sheriff's Office needs to be cleaned out. By the way, the meth cases Shook busted were on Red's watch, they waited until after the election to make the bust so Mark would look good.