Lobbying - how it gets a bad name

Greg Flynn already provided a wealth of information about the "interesting" financing process with the Bill Graham-Tom Fetzer relationship, property, campaign. So, while Tom Fetzer is out pitching himself as a big time lobbyist now that the Republicans control the NCGA, here is some additional information -

Fetzer was a federal lobbyist for two clients in 2005-2006 and one at the State level. His attempts to acquire others at the State level were met with major resistance from some in his own party, according to then-members of the NCGA, and in particular, Richard Morgan. He was reportedly lobbying for Lending Tree (his state client) at the federal level, though not registered, and where Sen Dole was on a banking committee. His business partner, on leave at the time, Mark Stephens, was heading up the RSCC for Dole. If you look at Elizabeth Dole's expenses during the same time period, you will see Fetzer was an advisor to her campaign at the same time he was registered to lobby clients, and presumably he lobbied her. Conflict? Or politics as usual?



has a long, sad history of pushing the boundaries of integrity to serve his personal agenda. That makes him the perfect person to lobby Republicans in the New World Order. In other words ... politics as usual.


Pushing the limits of conflicts while registering as a lobbyist may wind him up in an investigation like so many he "requested"

Durham Dem


He and Art Pope mastered the practice of nuisance complaints and lawsuits about anything and everything they could find to whine about.

Dems would do well to go ahead and gear up for more of the same. I recommend mounting an army of ruthless lawyers engaged to challenge every elected Republican at every possible turn for anything that might be considered even slightly unseemly. One. Law. Suit. After. Another.

Fetzer's most recent complaint about left-leaning NC non-profits was dismissed by the SBOE today because it had no merit. Art Pope's non-profits, on the other hand, are case studies in illegal electioneering. The next head of the NC Democratic Party should have a clear plan of attack for challenging every right-wing non-profit organization in the state.


I agree. If faced with lawsuit after lawsuit, he MAY get the message. He is delusional with his relentess pursuit of his image. But, the fact remains that the above is all public record and true.

Durham Dem