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From today by Mark Binker:

In recent weeks, the Republican has brushed aside the accusations as "desperate" and characterized them as an attack on private sector employers. That strategy appears to have worked, as polls show little evidence that Dalton has managed to land an effective blow.

That makes Wednesday night's debate all the more important for Dalton. The two other Fall gubernatorial debates that were televised statewide fell on the same night as debates in the presidential contest.

Wednesday's debate will take place in front of a live audience at 7 p.m. in the Minges Auditorium at the Dunn Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount. The college, the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce and WRAL News will produce the debate.

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Here's the question I asked:

It is highly likely that the next governor will be asked to sign legislation that further restricts a woman's right to choose to have an abortion. Will the candidates promise the women of North Carolina that they will VETO any such bills?

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Pat opened by complaining about not enough fracking

and now he's demonizing education as elitism?

I hope Dalton and Coleman win Gov & Lt. Gov.

And Linda Coleman has been within the margin of error, sometimes up or down but within the margin, compared to her opponent on all 5 polls now. She can win this with our help.

Did the WRAL moderator just...

Did the WRAL moderator just call out Dalton saying there's no way we can know McCrory's positions until we give him a chance to be Governor first?

I object to McCrory's comments on South Carolina

As a native of SC, I do not find his disparaging remarks amusing. SC was behind NC for years in many ways. But...

I do find it ironic that he holds out that SC should not be competitive with NC in jobs creation. After all the Palmetto state is led by a Republican Governor and a Republican legislature. My daughter lives there and groans when i whine about the prospects of NC going all red this November. She lives in one of the two tiny Democratic islands in SC (in Charleston).

Martha Brock



Dalton's best performance yet

Having watched all the Gubernatorial debates, I've got to say, this was his best performance yet. Strong closing argument too.

We need to elect this team!

I have to go take a shower

Listening to McCrory gives me the creeps. Slippery, smug, arrogant, and full of gauzy platitudes. The only time he had anything of detailed substance to offer what when he said, "I agree with Mr. Dalton."

We're in for a world of hurt if this guy gets into office.

The way he talked about Obamacare

The way he talked about the effects Obamacare is going to have during his term as Governor, you can tell he thinks he is going to win the Governor's mansion, but that Romney is going to lose the race for the White House.

What exactly were McCrory's

What exactly were McCrory's comments on the ACLU about>


The aclu is a crazy left wing radical organization that along with Obama is destroying our once great nation

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