Live Blog - Wayne Goodwin, Candidate for Insurance Commissioner

Wayne Goodwin, Candidate for Insurance Commissioner will join us on Thursday, April 10th, at 7 pm.

Wayne is no stranger to us here at BlueNC, but here's a little background anyhow. He served 8 years in the state legislature, representing Richmond, Scotland, Montgomery and Stanly counties.

He sponsored legislation that led to greater incentives for economic development in rural areas, increases in education spending, improved health care, and enhanced public and occupational safety, security, election and campaign finance reforms, and consumer protection. Among many other honors, he was presented the Leadership in Government Award by Common Cause and the A+ Legislator Award by the NC Association of Educators. Pfeiffer College named him an honorary alumnus.

After his legislative terms ended, he ran a strong but unsuccessful race for Commissioner of Labor. We've often heard that when a door closes, a window opens, and Wayne soon found out what that window was: Insurance Commissioner Jim Long called way and asked him to serve as Assistant Commissioner of Insurance for North Carolina. In that capacity he also serves as the Assistant State Fire Marshal.

Now that Jim Long is retiring, he has (literally) passed the torch to Wayne Goodwin. So get your questions ready!