Live-Blog with Kay Hagan, Candidate for U.S. Senate

Join us for a live-blog with NC State Senator Kay Hagan who is a candidate for U.S. Senate. She faces Jim Neal in the primary in May.


5 pm on a Tuesday?

Not a very good time since most of us will be on the way home then.

We take what we can get

I've been trying to get the gubernatorial candidates to agree on a time to debate here for more than a month. We're getting close, but still not there.

April Fool's Day?

Here's my first question for Kay: "Do you swear that you won't take advantage of the date to make claims that you don't intend..."

Wait a minute. That won't work. That could be her very first, "April Fool's!"


It's a conundrum.

Electronic voting machines

Sen. Hagan,

There has been much debate over the merit of electronic voting machines that do not have any paper trail. These machines have produced problems all over the country, and they have no paper ballot in the event that a recount is needed. A particularly bad machine is the ES&S iVotronic, which is currently used in 37 NC counties, including Cumberland, Mecklenburg,and Guilford. 2.7 million NC voters will use these machines on election day, a number I think is unacceptable. As a senator, what will you do to ensure fair elections for America's voters? Thanks!