Live-Blog with David Smith, candidate for Insurance Commissioner - Welcome David

On Wednesday, April 16 we will have a live-blog chat with David Smith, a candidate for Insurance Commissioner. He will face Wayne Goodwin in the primary. Please leave your questions in this thread if you are not able to join us tomorrow evening. For more information visit David's web site.


Mr. Smith, I understand that

Mr. Smith, I understand that you have regularly defended insurance agents and insurance agencies or companies whose licenses are placed in jeopardy because of their allegedly having broken the insurance laws of this State. Do you believe that insurance agents who bilk their customers out of hard-earned money should continue to have their licenses? If so, then please explain. And, what about any agent who is accused of moral turpitude? Are you or have you ever represented someone charged with crimes of moral turpitude?

I believe that the people I have represented...

...before the Department should not be a part of my campaign. It is not fair to them and to suggest that they should become an issue is like telling a candidate for judge who's represented individuals charged with capital crimes that they are not qualified to serve as judge because who they represented.

I apologize if I sound offended, but it's disgusting that anyone would jeopardize the outcome of any case pending before the Department before it has an opportunity for a fair hearing.

Thank you for being with us, David

Please feel free to come back any time and get the questions that you didn't have time to answer tonight. Thank you again for joining us.

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This was a good conversation

I do hope you'll come back and answer those questions you didn't get to tonight.

I'll admit that I'm impressed with your blogging skills.

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Another correction

Maybe I'm reading it differently than other folks, but David seems to suggest by his closing comment that "real debate" has not been occurring in this race for NC Insurance Commissioner. To help remedy my good friend's oversight on this point and to please you with the knowledge that there has been a growing amount of candidate interaction with voters already, please consider the following:

The candidates for Insurance Commissioner have, in fact, been participating in candidate forums all across this State, mostly sponsored by various insurance companies and some others sponsored by various nonprofit or political groups for the last 5+ weeks. We've been doing several per week. Sometimes all 3 candidates participate, and sometimes only one of us shows up.

We all want more "real debate", but it's not fair to suggest or imply that there has been no other opportunities for debate. We must always make room for more opportunities for debate, and BlueNC is again commended for helping to lead the way on this noble goal!