The lights are on but nobody is home.

I drove by Godwin House this morning and it looked like the lights were on but nobody was home.

Like him or not, Jerry Meek left the party in good shape when he stepped down. In much less than 2 years David Young has reduced a well oiled North Carolina Democratic Party machine left him by Jerry Meek to a barely functioning wreck.

Where the NCGOP had their people at many polling places handing out stuff on the " conservative judges" we had no such help from state headquarters. I could go on and on and on but it just makes me mad.

Bev better take control of this mess and put people in place that can do the work and pull this party out of the sink hole we now find ourselves in.

As for David Young the only words I can find that fit are those that Winston Churchill called those terrible words. The words of Oliver Cromwell to the Long Parliament.

“You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”


If you're going to blame anyone....

....Blame the people in leadership within the party who personally called up the candidates who represented real opposition to Young's presidency and pressured them to drop out of the race. Young was handpicked by whoever the powers-may-be are within the party. Blame them.

I also have to suggest that perhaps Meek did not leave the party in good shape underneath. A lot of nasty maneuvering by local party members was swept under the rug during his tenure, breeding resentment among other party members. I'm not surprised that this poison has festered and left local parties demoralized. Add in an Obama local network that actually got things done and siphoned off active volunteers from the local parties (who can blame them for jumping ship) and you've got a lot of local parties comprised of party bureaucrats who attend meetings and protect their self-interest... but seldom get off their duffs to do outreach to the community.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Clarification please

....Blame the people in leadership within the party who personally called up the candidates who represented real opposition to Young's presidency and pressured them to drop out of the race. Young was handpicked by whoever the powers-may-be are within the party. Blame them.

Would you please fill in the blanks and say who the "who" is and which person was pressured to drop out. I feel like I'm in the dark here.

you can find some info here:

I answered you privately loft, but you can actually find all the info you need right here. Google the following phrases and all sorts of info pops up on Blue NC, including the answer to your question:

running for chair of north carolina democratic party against david young

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

The State GOP?

The State GOP did not have people at polling places, handing out literature. That was the county and precinct-level GOP, who had volunteers handing out literature w/ judicial recommendations at many precincts.

I did it for a few hours at my precinct, and there was a Democrat there doing the same thing almost the whole time. (We had a nice chat... I'm very conservative, but I find that I have more in common with some of the liberals who care enough to be involved than with people who can't be bothered. I'm probably the only Republican precinct chairman in Wake County who has given his house key to his Democratic counterpart.)

You can't blame the State Democratic leadership for the poor performance of liberal/Democrat judges, this time. It was the people who chose Republicans.

What's more, a lot of those people who chose Republican judges voted in the Democratic primary! The Democrats had a heated U.S. Senate primary to draw their voters to the polls, which should have given them a big advantage in the judicial races. But it didn't, because a lot of those voters prefer Republican judges.

Now, OTOH, you can blame the earlier State Democratic leadership for costing the Democrats control of the NC Supreme Court. If they hadn't deviously changed the rules, to make judicial races "non-partisan," then the Obama sweep would have swept in a Democratic majority in the State's highest court. But they did, and it didn't. :-)


Have you ever noticed that

Have you ever noticed that when a party loses everybody starts blaming everybody else. Remember when the R's lost in 2008? Come on people, buck up and get to work. Stop your bitchin'.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I did not explain my comment well enough

The state GOP did not send people out from the state level. But they have boiler plate handouts they send to the county parties to put out and the state GOP places a much higher importance on having local people at the polls.We have a couple of guys here I swear that they pay to do it. The state party didn't even send out a list of judges that were democrats.

And I have been working and will keep working, but it is easier when you have leadership with a clear plan for success. I have been waiting since he was elected for David Young to lead. Every time I have seen him it looks like he is trying to get his picture taken with Bev.

As for the Obama local network they did alot of good work, and took all of it with them when they left.
Within just a couple of days after the election, our Obama rep here could not access the very information she had gathered. That info would have been priceless for our local party but it has never to this day been made available to the county parties.

Of course all those folks

Of course all those folks that worked so hard in 2008 could have continued to come to Executive committee meetings, jointed the Dem Men, Dem Women, Senior Dems, come to our precinct meetings, help man the booth at local festivals, sold tickets and otherwise helped grow the party at the grassroots level. They could have, and we urged and encouraged, but they haven't. And most of them didn't even bother to vote Tuesday. It's still the same folks busting their hump. Where are they? I'd rather have them then anything the state organization can do for us. But the state party workers do try to help us organize and implement a plan. It's just hard to do much when the same few of us are having to carry the load by ourselves.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

And look at me! I'm doing

And look at me! I'm doing what I was getting on others for doing, bitchin'! I guess I'm just tired and a little frustrated. Sorry about that.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Party leadership at the county level is a great help

The Orange County Democratic Party always prepares a multi-page voter's guide for each election with a brief description of each Democratic candidate's platform and achievements and, in the case of non-partisan races, their party affiliation. This voter's guide is available in printed and in electronic form, so it can be sent by e-mail to the voters in each precinct ahead of time as well as handed out during canvassing, early voting and on election day. As a precinct chair, I really appreciate this wonderful tool. (to see the guide, go to While the state party was lackluster at best, my county party came through for us. But we did our part, too.

I spent 13 uninterrupted hours at my precinct greeting people, handing out the voter's guides, chatting with folks, and providing coffee, water, iced tea, juice, fruit and snacks (out of my own pocket) to all, Democrats, Unaffiliated, and Republicans alike. I had some terrific volunteers helping me but felt that it was my responsibility to be there the whole time. Our precinct had 18.85% turn-out on election day, with early voting, it came to 21.5%. While it was a far cry from the 2008 numbers, we exceeded the county's average.

At the end of the day I was tired and sun-burnt, my feet were killing me, and was I ever ready for a nice bath and a soft bed. I will do the same in November, in the cold and rain if need be, because that's what politics is all about. As Paul Wellstone put it: "In the last analysis, politics is not predictions and politics is not observations. Politics is what we do, politics is what we create, by what we work for, by what we hope for and what we dare to imagine."

Resistance is Fertile

old thinking

"Nobody is home" pretty well sums it up. My disgust with the folks at the Godwin House goes back to 2006. I had a resolution passed up through the various conventions to the state convention that year. The resolution was designed to be a call for election reform, a way for the NCDP to be a leader in limiting the influence of money and corporations as well as limiting the election season to a shorter time frame. The convention didn't even have the guts to have an up or down vote; it was tabled.

Then, at an SEC meeting (2008?), the naming of the Vance-Ayecock dinner was challenged in a resolution. I offered an amendment that added a challenge to the naming of JJ. It passed on a paper ballot vote. Clearly the governing body of the NCDP wanted those names changed. The leadership of the NCDP effectively ignored the wishes of its governing body.

During the years when Jerry Meek was chair, county parties always had nice looking handouts promoting judicial candidates. Where were they this year? That is nothing but a flat out failure of leadership. But realistically, I knew when Young was elected that this sort of thing was likely to happen. He brings no energy to the Chair; he's just a figurehead chosen by some backroom cabal. That was obvious from the start.

I am quite glad that my terms as county chair ended in 2009. We rocked it in 2008; good to go out on top!!

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?