Liddy's In Hendersonville...what should I do?

Supposedly, Elizabeth Dole will be there and I'm thinking about heading on down myself. I went to H-ville yesterday to see a movie (Hamlet 2...which features the blockbuster musical numbers "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" and "Raped In The Face"...a movie that misses as much as it hits, but the last 25 minutes are a riot!).

According to my friends who live there, the H-ville apple fest has been taken over by abortion pornographers and the anti-gay crowd. Evidently, the hatemongers who have been shunned in Asheville have a new audience in Hendersonville.

Nevertheless, I'm considering an act of free speech. I don't know what, exactly, I'm planning, and it is only tomorrow, but on a day that is supposed to support labor, what would you suggest?

Here is a woman who is anti-choice, anti-labor, pro-big business and pretty much a standard-bearer for everything Labor Day stands against...hmm...I'm feeling uncreative, but willing to take suggestions! Throw 'em at me!

If I need to, I'm willing to act disobediently (non-violently) to bring attention to Dole's record. However, I'm not sure that's the best idea in this climate. It could backfire. I think that the best course would be to crash a Q & A or a barbecue, if I can find one she's attending. Again, let me know if you have any information.

Thanks as always...



Well, I have a pretty big belly...

...maybe I can fake it.

I was wondering if anyone has already done the hard work for me and gleaned her record for the most offensive stuff. I was thinking of making a sign or something. Maybe I'll try to call and see what her plans are for tomorrow, but her staff is almost certainly not answering the phone.

a sign that says 96%

That's the percentage of time Dole has voted with the Bush Administration.

Ninety-six freakin' percent.


Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

How fast can you get your hands on a Bush mask?

If we could coordinate an effort to have someone in a suit, wearing a Bush mask, at every Dole stop in NC, we'd be in business. I was thinking about buying one just so take a picture outside of Dole Headquarters in Salisbury. Hmmmm.