Libertarian Pres. candidate Gary Johnson to appear on Colbert Report Monday Night!

Tonight, the Libertarian Party will get some much deserved attention! Tonight, (Monday, 1/2/12) Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report will have Governor Gary Johnson as a guest on his show! The Colbert Report airs at 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central.

Gov. Johnson is running to be the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee. While there are many great candidates in the LP race, none can boast the executive experience, electoral success and national popularity of Gov. Johnson, whose record as Governor of New Mexico would make any libertarian proud. He will appear on the popular cable show to make his case that he is the best man for both the LP nomination and for President.

He has what voters are looking for - a track record of effective leadership built around free markets, peace and liberty. As governor, he showed that libertarian principles are not just for philosophy discussions but can be the basis for responsible and efficient government. He vetoed over 750 bills (more than all the 49 other governors combined), eliminated 1200 government jobs without firing a single person, cut taxes 14 times and by pushed for school choice. He fought endlessly to restore limits to the size and scope of government.

The result?

When he left office, 20,000 jobs had been created, the budget deficit had been eliminated and there was a budget surplus, $200 million dollars had been added to the general reserve fund (a 10 fold increase), NM had a privately built highway and government growth had been cut in half!

Please tune in or set you DVR's so you can see what Gov. Johnson has to say!