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On Wednesday I wrote about North Carolina's newest liar, Madison Cawthorn. He's the fanatic running for the US House who's using his wheelchair to drum up cover for his many deceptions. I can't tell if it's sad or just pathetic.

Taking a page from Trump's deplorable handbook, Cawthorn is now playing the victim, even as he lies through his teeth. He said he was planning a career in the Navy, leading supporters to believe he had actually been accepted at the US Naval Academy. He had not.

The narrative created by Republican congressional-candidate Madison Cawthorn paints a picture of a bright, young man headed to the U.S. Naval Academy until he was severely injured in an auto crash. “Madison was homeschooled in Hendersonville and was nominated to the Naval Academy by Rep. Mark Meadows in 2014,” according to the 11th District candidate’s website. “However, Madison’s plans were derailed that year after he nearly died in a tragic automobile accident that left him partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair.” But in a 2017 sworn deposition obtained by AVL Watchdog, Cawthorn admitted his application to the academy had already been rejected before the crash. The campaign did not comment, despite repeated requests over several days.

It gets worse. Rumors are swirling that Cawthorn may have taken another page from the Trump handbook: sexual predator. We'll be following this story closely, but here are Facebook posts from the woman who has spoken up.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Cawthorn is trying to milk his disability to get people to feel for him, to cover for his lies, and turn himself into a sympathetic character. And given today's GOP, none of us should be surprised that he has a cult following.

Fortunately, NC-11 has an exceptional alternative to Cawthorne. Moe Davis is an outstanding candidate, a retired colonel, who has none of Cawthorn's ethical and moral baggage. If you can, send him a contribution and let him know you're pulling for him. The last thing North Carolina needs is another mini-me Trumper in Congress.



Solid red district...

...And that's that. Better to send money to dem candidates who have a chance as Jesus himself couldn't win in that district unless he was an R

Put some effort ...

... into really digging into his past and business dealings. If he's lying like this in a campaign, he's probably running some kind of scam or grift that can knock him out of office after he gets elected.

If you're dealing with a solid "R" district where an election doesn't make much difference, concentrate on the long game.

Check check check

Sleazy real estate developer. Check.
Sexual predator. Check.
Liar. Check.
Nazi sympathizer. Check.

It seems like Mr. Cawthorn has all the right boxes checked to be a good Republican.