Lessons from the lake: Time keeping

Nature has its own glorious way of tracking time, quite independent of what we do. Yes, spring comes sooner because of human meddling, but the annual frenzy of pollination persists all the same. It's weirdly reassuring.


Yesterday North Carolina got a new lesson in keeping time, courtesy of Senator Richard Burr. Burr showed us there are two kinds of time, one for the well-heeled, one for everyone else. Those who are connected get the jump on those who aren't, in the age-old story of greed, power and influence. It's also a story of public corruption, with Senator Burr teaching a masterclass.


This week I started keeping corona time, carving notches in a stick to mark the passage of days. The first day was the 15th of this month, the Ides of March.



Stay safe

We're all trying to figure out just how to be in these strange times. For me personally, the changes are subtle. I'm an extreme introvert, which means life these days looks a lot like it does on most other days. My wife Jane, on the other hand, is bouncing off the walls.

This business with Burr is really too much. It's so reminiscent of his infamous "bank run" behavior ten years ago, callous disregard for the well-being of those he pretends to represent. He should resign or be expelled.

It is a great day for a hike...

I actually had to meet with a few people at 9:00 this a.m. to discuss locating a new bus shelter. Couldn't do it over the phone, we had to walk around taking measurements and such. Very nice day, and the bugs haven't shown up yet (makes a big difference).