Lawsuit against state on tenure law; Teachers leaving Wake in "alarming numbers"

The Greensboro News and Record reports that a Superior Court Judge should be ruling early next week on whether the Guilford and Durham school districts can sue the State of NC over NC's teacher tenure law to exempt themselves from the provisions. The districts say the law violates the NC and US constitutions and implementing the law would leave the districts open to litigation.

Meanwhile, WRAL has a story on the release of "alarming" numbers of teachers leaving their jobs mid-year in Wake County - an increase of 40%. The story also looks at a teacher who has to work two part-time jobs - one as a custodian - just to make ends meet. "I don't wanna leave this profession, but there is not much motivation to stay," the teacher is quoted as saying.

Update: As Posmo pointed out in a comment here at Blue NC, the numbers have been released and 600 of 9,000 teachers resigned in Wake County so far in 2013-14. The district provided a chart with the reasons for quitting and about half left to teach in another state or are transitioning to another career. The numbers leaving have more than doubled since 2009-2010.

Thilman pointed out that it is common for teachers to leave their jobs as the traditional school year ends, but that spike has yet to occur this year. "We typically see a spike in teacher resignations in June and July," he said. "The data we have does not yet capture that increase."


Making matters worse

NCSU reports that the number of people there pursuing teaching careers is down by 20%. NC is going to be facing a serious teacher shortage. Thanks Pat and Tillisberger!

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