Law Enforcement Safety & Drug Policy Summit

North Carolina Law Enforcement Safety and Drug Policy Summit

*When: June 12th, 2012
*What Time is the Event: Registration starts at 8am, the event begins at 9am and will go through 1pm. A lunch will be served to registered guests after the summit.
*Where: North Carolina Legislative Auditorium, 16 Jones Street, Raleigh, NC
*Who Should Attend: Law Enforcement, Legislators, Legislative Support Staff, Public Health Officials, Harm Reductionists, Drug Policy Reformers and the Substance Abuse Community *What Will be Covered: Law Enforcement Needlestick Reduction, Law Enforcement Safety around Drug Users and Preventing Drug Overdose Deaths and Drug Policy
*Who Will be Presenting: Law Enforcement Safety Experts, Drug Policy Experts and Republican and Democratic Legislators
*Event Contact: Robert Childs, MPH (336) 543-8050,
*Sign up at:

EVENT UPDATE: June 1, 2012

Legislators Speaking at the Event:

Dan Ingle, Leo Daughtry, Ed Jones, Diane Parfitt, Glenn Bradley, and Alma Adams

Legislators Signed Up to Attend:

John Torbett, G. L. Pridgen, Rayne Brown, Harry Warren, Grier Martin, Chuck McGrady, Larry Brown, Harry Brown, Verla Insko, Susi Hamilton, Maggie Jeffus, Ray Rapp, Pricey Harrison, Marilyn Avila, Marian N. McLawhorn, Larry Pittman, John Faircloth, Tom Apodaca, Bill Cook, Jim Davis, Ken Goodman, Ellie Kinnaird and William (Bill) Brawley

Non-Partisan Groups Presenting:
Department of Health and Human Services, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, Project Lazarus, and the 2nd Chances Coalition

Policy Groups Presenting:

John Locke Foundation, Drug Policy Alliance, NC Justice Center

Law Enforcement Speakers:

Ronald Martin, Jen Earls, Leigh Maddox, Pat Glynn and many more!