Last night I learned the five Cs

Last night at the Wake Democratic Men's Club, Patsy Keever spoke. She asked us all to raise our right hands with fingers splayed out. I think all of us had five fingers. Then she proceeded to teach us "the five Cs":

  • Candidates: we should always be recruiting good ones
  • County: key to GOTV is county organization
  • Cash: nice if you have some
  • Collaboration: include all different types of Democrats, even progressives
  • Communication: important to get the message out

After expounding on each of these, at the end of her presentation, she had us all raise our right hands again and recite the five Cs back to her.

Further affiant sayeth naught.



How are you supposed to count these C's?

How are you supposed to count these C's? Start with the thumb? The index finger? Which is the right way?

And don't get me started on the little finger. That's just weird.


"even progressives"?



Hey, we got mentioned. That's novel.

(Just kidding. I'm mostly at a loss when it comes to thinking about all this.)