Larry is leading Hayes! 7 Days to GO!

In a new Poll released today by Public Policy Polling Larry Kissell is ahead of Robin Hayes!

This is significant not because its the first poll to show Larry ahead, but because it is the first by PPP, and one of the first truly independent of the both the campaign and the DCCC!

This is a huge poll(PDF), with a massive sample.

1589 voters, taken between October 25th and October 27th, therefore with a margin of error of 2.5%

Larry leads by 5, 51 to 46! Thats right, Larry is OUTSIDE the margin of error.

For our other candidates in the area, Obama is up 6 right now in a district that Bush won by 8. Hagan Leads by 9 and Perdue leads by 1 within the district. Considering how much of this district is in the Charlotte media market that is not a bad result for Perdue.

33% of the sample has already early voted and amongst those people are margins are even better.

Amongst early voters Obama leads 61 to 37, Perdue leads 56 to 42, Kay leads 61 to 36 and Larry Kissell leads 60 to 39!

This is down to the final days. Can you help put Larry over the top?

Please remember, this isnt just about a Democrat, this is about a better Democrat. A progressive from a rural Southern District. A mill worker against a Mill Owner. And someone who posts on DailyKos and BlueNC versus someone who said that Liberals Hate people who work hard.


Rec'd and Rec'd Blue South

looks like you're getting some pretty good traffic too.

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