Larry Kissell Stands Out in Debate

It wasn't heavily publicized, but there was a televised debate between the three candidates running for the Democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional District. The winner in the primary will face Republican Robin Hayes.

There has been no mud-slinging that I've heard and all three candidates are decent, honorable, hard-working men. All three seem to have the integrity and intelligence it will take to clean up the mess Republicans have made of our government and all three will work for the common good.

See how Kissell stood out on the flip side...

That being said, one does stand out in the group as being more in touch with the biggest issue that will bring voters together to oust Hayes. Larry Kissell knows what it means to lose a job to overseas interests. Larry Kissell feels the sting of the outright lie Robin Hayes told to his constituents and he made it known in the televised debate when asked about his central issue.

For Kissell, it was bad trade deals. He called the Central America Free Trade
Agreement "a slap in the face" to workers in his district. He mocked Hayes' vow
that he was "flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed" to CAFTA just before
casting the deciding vote for it last July.

Robin Hayes lied and people will lose their jobs. It's not like he didn't have past experience to learn from, though. Entire businesses were closed and shuttered in the 8th District after NAFTA was passed and the low-paying jobs that replaced the skilled manufacturing jobs have had little economic impact. After seeing the economic devastation caused by NAFTA and after promising to vote against it, Robin Hayes voted for CAFTA anyway. He allowed himself to be bullied by the Republican leadership to vote with the party. Robin Hayes was not strong enough to stand up for the people in the 8th District. He no longer deserves the job.

Larry Kissell will work to bring positive change to the 8th Congressional District and to the state of North Carolina. Larry has been endorsed by Tim Dunn, The North Carolina Association of Educators and the NC AFL-CIO. Now all he needs are the endorsements of the people who really count - the voters.



I am not affiliated with the Kissell Campaign

It might seem like it with my glowing comment, but I'm not. It really is the first time, in a long time that I've been excited by a candidate and his chances in November.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for the report!

I'm sorry I missed it; sounds like fun.

I <3 Larry too.

Sounds like he handled himself admirably!