Larry Kissell NC-08, Why?

One week later and no word from the DCCC. We have to really rally for this next 68 days. If everyone were to give $15 per week for the next 10 weekit would really help.

Larry has been coonsistently ignored in polls. Chris Bowers left himoff his list agaign. Isn't there going to be a big suprise in November?


You're right

We have to keep pushing b/c nobody is going to do it for us or Larry.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

After all,

if not us, then who?

I believe we will do it with or without the DCCC...but it will be a hell of a lot easier if we can do it With.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies

Larry needs to post something about the DCCC.

He should post it himself, right here on BlueNC. Tell us the state of thigns with the DCCC, should we be waiting happily or should we be getting pissed off?

C'mon Larry! Let us know.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

From the Stakeholder

The following is an excerpt by jesselee on the Stakeholder Blog on the DCCC. Really sounds like Robin Hayes doesn't

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Name That Republican!
Posted by jesselee
Monday, September 11, 2006 at 3:19 PM

Question of the day: which Republican thinks their voters are a bunch of commies?

The DSCC had some fun with Michael Steele's barely-anonymous "scarlet letter" comment some time ago, and boy do we have a doozie of a second round for you today. This quote is from a little-noticed column about two weeks ago in the Arkansas Times...

When a Republican congressman slumped into his committee chair last month after a sojourn home, a colleague asked him what it was like back in the precincts.
Terrible, came the weary reply. “I feel like a free-market economist in Cuba.”

Working people are restless, in other words, and although his eastern-seaboard district is upscale it is not a “safe” Republican district, not this year anyway.

Now I emailed this quote to a couple friends around town to find out if they had any idea who was behind it, and to my surprise I got an answer: one of them was sure that they had heard it said in the House Armed Services Committee, but had looked up after hearing it and wasn't able to figure out who said it. This is a very reliable source.

So here are the data points:

1) "Eastern seaboard district" -- now this could either mean anywhere on the East Coast, or more specifically in the Northeast.

2) The Republican is on the Armed Services Committee -- here are the GOP committee members in that general area:

Curt Weldon, Pennsylvania

Jim Saxton, New Jersey

John M. McHugh, New York

Roscoe G. Bartlett, Maryland

Robin Hayes, North Carolina***

Rob Simmons, Connecticut

Jo Ann Davis, Virginia

Frank A. LoBiondo, New Jersey

Jeb Bradley, New Hampshire

Bill Shuster, Pennsylvania

Thelma Drake, Virginia

J. Randy Forbes, Virginia

3) I think one might make an argument that such frustration would only be born out of a competitive race, but far be it from me to decide who's frustrated with their race and who's not. I leave that to the reader's discretion.

So: which Republican compares his district to communist Cuba? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as always.

Pretty sad

to have such a dearth of sanity representing NC in the US House. Really. How terrible is it to find ourselves wondering which of our idiot members can say the stupidest thing?

Hayes has a long enough record of flat-out lying to make a good god cry.