Larry Kissell Earns Netroots Endorsement

For those of us who were initially disappointed that a netroots endorsement wasn't given to Larry Kissell after all of the diaries we wrote and after completely ruling the nominations process, we have something to celebrate.

The post is now up on the front page of MyDD and may follow at DailyKos. It is official. Larry Kissell has come from complete obscurity - a true underdog - and is now the darling of the online community. (I can't believe I just wrote that!...but I just had to...)

Join me on the flip side...

Please head over to MyDD and put in some good words for Larry. I know we're tired after juggling two recommended diaries at DKos on the same day, but let's keep showing up so they know why this was the best thing to do and Larry is the best person for the job.



He made believers of us, didn't he?

I'm so glad I met Larry when I did. Lance, weren't you the one who challenged us to each go to our County's convention? It wouldn't have happened without that extra outside motivation.

I didn't want to be just another windbag who wasn't involved in actually making things happen, so I got my fanny to the convention.

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And totally awesome!

Dkos front page

DailyKosPlease lets get some comments going. I know we're all tired and hungry...but dammit...let's keep moving on this and drum up some more contributions for Larry. :)

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I just talked myself down

from the ledge of telling yomama at dKos to go f*ck herself. Who the hell is that know-it-all and who gives a shit what she thinks? Discretion being the better part of valor, I resisted the temption to slam her . . . but it was reeeeeeeeeeaaaally hard.

Did you see LeeAnn's smack down?

Remind me not to piss her off! LOL.... YoMomma posted on Larrys rec'd diary and was so....awful. Leann did a great job.

Glad you held back. She might not have been able to get back up from another smackdown.

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I did see it

and I LOVED your comment about it. So discreet . . . and perfect.

Larry Is the Man

I'm pleased that Larry Kissell has gotten the national attention that he deserves. I've spent many hours with him. He's the real deal. Honest, Genuine, and committed to making a difference.

At 35, I've been involved in politics for 22 years. There are only a few people that I've met -- in all those years -- who can connect with voters like Larry can.

I think he'll win this November. And I'm committed to helping him do it.

Jerry Meek
North Carolina Democratic Party

Let's be honest: Jerry's kind of the man, too

Jerry, it's good to see you on the site, and I hope you'll stop by when you can in the future. With your leadership with the state party and a candidate like Larry, North Carolina is going to be a tough state to leave.

Gosh..that's right

I forgot there for a minute you're deserting us.

Have fun deeper down south in red,red,red territory.

Of course, it depends on what part of Hotlanta you'll be in.

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NC will be so, so missed.

I was just on the phone with my mom (who lives in GA now) talking about Sonny Perdue (gag) and how the Dem candidates for Governor are tearing each other into pieces so small that no one will vote for them in the upcoming primary. It's depressing.

It sounds like the way I feel about Lincoln County

but I should have fun ripping apart the Repubs in local government.

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Thank you Jerry

As you can tell, we're pretty committed too. We appreciate all you're doing to make our efforts that much more meaningful.

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Thanks. I'm doing everything I can. It's a tough volunteer job, but I think we're headed in the right direction. Or at least I hope so.


We are headed in the left direction

and you are doing a fantastic job. The NC Dem Party needs the breath of fresh air that you and your team are breathing into it!

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Yay! Yay! Yay!

I'm actually skipping!

I jumped off Kos around 3:30 this afternoon after spending a few hours commenting on SD's and then Larry's diaries. Little did I know what would be waiting for me when I got home at 8...a whole bunch of voicemails saying Larry got the endorsement!!

I'm so proud of Larry and so proud of us for supporting his campaign!

I didn't have your cell phone number

or I would have been one of those voice mails.

This is so wonderful. If the excitement has me exhausted can you imagine how the folks who have been pushing this campaign from the get go feel? I know for a fact RANT has been on this since the beginning.

BTW - thank you RANT for being an original drum-beater.

And....thanks to you WFC for bringing Larry to Charlotte early on and getting my butt to the fundraiser.

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No regrets.....

We turned that frustration into positive action today, right? That's what we were doing.

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You're showing us the way. I just wish I had half of your persistence in the face of indifference and resistence. You're incredible.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the Drama.


I am so proud of all you Kissellers who have been indefatigable in your support and efforts. It's paying off now for your candidate, your medium, and your country.

Go BlueNC! Go Larry! Thanks to MyDD and DailyKos for recognizing the realness.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Yeah yeah!

This is such great news! Lets Go Larry! Da da dadada!

Next step: keep pumping the word out! Great job SD, you deserve to be showered with flowers and candies.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Awww thank you

and as much as I would just love to take all the credit, I can't do that. I loved writing the diaries, but others wrote them - others including Larry himself. A huge group organized to recommend the posts and to hang around to make comments.

This endorsement is a result of a team effort and it is a testament to the power of our local blog network and its presence on the national blog scene. Our recommended diaries yesterday and this endorsement have brought in about $5000 in 24 hours with 4.5 hours left to go.

Liddy Dole is going to SO hate us in '08. *g*

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