Larry Flynt called Mad Miss Mattie!


Did he really?

One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Holey Miss Moley

or Miss Maddie!!! What a way to start the weekend. aaahhhh. That was a good belly laugh.

Miss Maddie ... if you're serious, with that kin'a money dangling around out there ... Lord have mercy ... there is a hard day of reckoning coming for the we-hate-ourselves Republican crowd.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."


Man, that Miss Maddie can move!!!

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Whew. That's rough stuff.

I mean

this is a really hard-hitting piece that will make McHenry and Co., squirm more than usual.

He should have known better than to screw around with Miss Mattie.


They should be squirming. They should have squirmed a long time ago.

I'm not online much this weekend but I've seen a few and been told about several other discussions (at DU and all over the place) saying "McHenry is the next to go" with references to my BlueNC post from Thursday.

Once the national bloggerdom starts getting the kinds of comments and private emails that I've been getting they're not going to let it go. All the LGBT blogs have been obsessed with Larry Craig. Well, they'll be free in the coming weeks to look to Florida and it isn't just McHenry that will be squirming.

Woooo Hoooo guys. We've put McHenry on the map. Let's not let these stories drop . . . I know he might be replaced by a Republican but still, it will be a success to get him off of Capitol Hill.

And then I can do more digging on Robin Hayes and Virginia Foxx. Won't that be fun?
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

thank you Drama Queen

for all you have done to help our little "Pattie" get the attention he deserves.

Virginia Foxx is a hologram

Pretty sure that she is in digital form that is solely controlled by the White House.

The coke bottle glasses hide the vacant spot behind the eyes.

Seriously, if you can find something on her besides her being a hard core follower of Neo Cons, it would help us poor slobs in the 5th district.

I took a quick peek at her candidate financial disclosure forms

but they didn't look very different from the annual ones available online. (Unlike our Pat's) So, I didn't copy them. The printer at the House Clerk's office is slow so if you want these forms you have to put in quite a bit of waiting time. (Shuler's is 142 pages!) But if people are serious about researching her or anyone else, I'll be happy to go to the House Clerk's or the FEC and get anything requested.

I'm going to the FEC soon because Pat has a loan for which the FEC pdfs are just not legible. Should be interesting since he keeps refinancing that one (or changing the due date) and there are no bank documents on file as required. That should be fun since it's an unsecured loan from a bank in the district . . .
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

how many people recognize...

...the similarities between farming and blogging?

consider this's now a matter of a succesful harvest, and then separating the wheat from the chaff.

raising the question: might we someday see "agricultural subsidies" for blogging-or to stop blogging?

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

what about the mushrooms

mushrooms grow around manure. DO you see alot of mushrooms here?

Miss Mattie is a scream!

OMG, that is hilarious..

Perhaps the GOP is about to fall completely apart and have to clean itself up.

That would be good for all of us.

Our dear Mad Miss Mattie

has quite a history here at BlueNC. And she just loves Mr. Karl Rove.

Have you called to support H. Res 333 Impeach Cheney Today? call 202-224-3121 & ask for your Congress member by name

Congressman McHenry! There is a reward out for you?

Our dear Mad Miss Mattie

has quite a history here at BlueNC*CloftT

I want to hire her! Mattie has a acting great career in the near future....Rumors has it that she is Andy Griffith love child.......It also rumor that the entired McHenry Staff ran down to Target today and got a 5 year supply of Astronaut diapers after seeing the Miss Mattie video....

You can always vote to recommend it

It stays up there much longer . . .

And thanks for the compliment. Two of my grandparents were English.

(And, on a tangential note, I always think it's odd that unlike my Hispanic friends whose grandparents and great-grandparents and so on were all born in America, no one has ever asked me to "go back to where I came from.")
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

my mother is a Kiwi

so I get the British sense of humour thing.

Mom is a war bride (WWII), and my father was stationed in New Zealand.
Mom says that there were lots of Americans in NZ.

Demonstrating the difference in sense of humour:

At the movie theaters, my mother noticed that Americans would laugh at different parts of the movie than did the New Zealanders.

what do you do with an elephant...

...with three balls?

you walk him and pitch to the rhino.

one good joke deserves another.
lovely work, ma'am, thanks.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

Hey, powers that be at BlueNC

Can we talk some time about a "truth about Pat McHenry" gateway to various articles somewhat like we had with Taylor? Not the snarky stuff (although that's fun, but with links to all the corroborating data. I know that lots of people want to see the evidence and not just the fun Mad Miss Mattie type satire.

Of course, the same for Robin Hayes and Virginia Foxx if we have the research. I know you had links to various articles but if it's packaged with just summaries of each issue, the uninformed voter can click, see the choices, and go right to a summary (with links) of each issue. That way they don't have to wade through a dozen posts on one topic when they might be looking for a summary of a completely different one.

Or, maybe it should wait until after the primary? Think about it, tho.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

it is a smart idea...

...and the sooner the better.

voters will start to look this stuff up in advance of the primaries...and with national attention turning to a truncated primary season as the fall nights grow longer more and more voters will be looking for this sort of "easy, one stop shopping".

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

Although a little funny...sort of....I would like to think....

that there is ample evidense and cause to go after McHenry with such zeal. IF he rates it then one could say he brought it upon himself.....if he rates it. ....Additionally, it should not be presumed that he would be replaced by another Republican......That assumtion was strong in my own district until recently....Stay tuned.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03