Larken Egleston taking heat over his support of RNC2020

It comes with the territory, dude:

Egleston has been bombarded on social media with expletives and threats after he voted in favor of approving tentative contracts with the Republican National Committee and the local host committee. The council’s 6-5 vote paves the way for the RNC to award Charlotte the convention. City leaders expect the RNC site selection committee to back Charlotte Wednesday morning.

“I would be doing a lot better without the internet,” Egleston said Tuesday morning in an interview, a reference to the deluge of criticism he has received by email, Twitter and Facebook.

I find that Internet comment somewhere between fascinating and hilarious, since avoiding social media and other forms of 21st Century communications is exactly what he (falsely) accused his Democratic opponent of in the Primary Election:

On choosing to challenge Patsy Kinsey:

"I think she has done a good job over the years, and I certainly appreciate and respect all the service that she has given to this community. That being said, I think 80 percent of the job of a local elected official is constituent services, and constituent services in 2017 involves a lot of communication tools that it probably didn't involve in 1980.

"If you're not on social media, not only are you not getting the messages from your constituents, you're not seeing what's going on and seeing what the concerns are. If people are emailing you with concerns and you're not responding to them, that's unacceptable. If people are calling you and you're not returning phone calls that's unacceptable. There came a point where there were enough anecdotal stories of lack of accessibility, lack of accountability in that regard, that to me that's a huge part of the job, and if that part of the job is not being done and done well, then the job is not being done well."

Aside from the fact that "too old for the Internet" thing is ageist as hell, it's simply not true. Patsy was a County Commissioner and a City Council member for almost two decades, and you don't keep winning like that if you ignore your constituents.

But setting that obvious logical disconnect aside, I'm more than a little confused how the Young Democrats of Mecklenburg County would choose a President who was a registered Republican as recently as 2010. As a former Republican myself, I do understand that people change, they evolve in response to learned information. But most of the Young Dem leaders I've met had been active in the Party since they stopped crawling and commenced to toddling. I won't go as far as to say "Tribal," but that is tempting. And it's also more than a little ironic to see this:

Winston joined council members Dimple Ajmera, Justin Harlow, LaWana Mayfield and Matt Newton opposing Charlotte's bid. Council members James Mitchell Jr., Gregory Phipps, Tariq Bokhari, Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt, Larken Egleston and Edmund Driggs all voted in favor of the bid.

Protestors and Democratic Party-aligned groups gathered outside of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center to voice their opposition.

Jonathan Peebles, head of the Young Democrats of Mecklenburg County, told the crowd, "we must say no to the RNC in CLT."

Dude, if you can't convince your own former President to vote the right way, you might as well just hop in the car and head home.



All that being said,

I have to also agree with Ray McKinnon that Larken seems to be shouldering more than his fair share of the criticism for this unfortunate vote. But again, it comes with the territory. Politics is seldom fair, and when you dangle that "undecided" thing out there, a lot of people get their hopes up, only to have them dashed.

He'd better get to work ...

... raising that $70 million and figuring out where to squeeze taxpayers to pay for all the law enforcement overtime and protestor lawsuits that will be coming out of this one.

That is, if Putin even bothers to hold an RNC convention in 2020...