Landfill Moratorium Bill Moves to Committee

I am really rushed this morning, but I got this alert from Molly Diggins of the North Carolina Sierra Club and wanted to pass it along. The meeting on the bill will be at noon today (Wednesday). And if anyone does go to support the moratorium, please let them know that you heard about it on BlueNC so that in the future they will think to keep the netroots informed.

From Molly Diggins:


The NC Senate will take up a bill to place a moratorium on new landfills in NC. This is the same measure they attempted to move through a special provision in the budget but the House took a position this year that it would not accept any special provisions in the budget.

The moratorium is the gateway to pretty much everything else we would want to accomplish on solid waste, including e-recycling. By temporarily stopping the mega-landfills, it sets the stage for an examination of the state’s solid waste policies. North Carolina has applications pending for regional mega-dumps which, if approved, would make us a net importer of waste for the first time.

By our count, the waste companies have about 30 lobbyists registered to advocate on behalf of companies that build the landfills. We need to support the Senate for showing backbone in calling for an up-or-down vote in the face of such a big money lobbying effort.

****If you live in the Triangle, please post a message to your listserves here in the Triangle for anyone who can do so to get to Senate Ag and Environment committee at NOON tomorrow, Wednesday in room 643 of the Legislative Office Building. If you don’t live in the triangle but it can get here anyway, that would be great.

We hope to have stickers saying “don’t dump on NC” or something to that effect.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Molly and Elizabeth


If you have time, I have substantive posts on the bill

I have substantive posts on the bill in past entries but really am about 30 minutes late and need to head out now. General idea is that having huge landfills is bad for the local environment, promote more trash generation, and is bad for the rest of the state as large dump trucks spew out large amounts of pollutants to get to the dump. Oh yeah, and they all like NC because the state is nice enough not to charge a dumping fee like most others.