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Fridays at the Art Pope Puppetshow are always amusing. John Hood usually takes the day off from his stage managing duties so Puppets-in-waiting can have their 15 minutes of fame. Today that honor falls to Mitch Kokai, a veteran reporter who appears to be angling toward a gig on Fix News. His interview with General Blah Blah is a classic piece of frightwing journalism that ends with the following exchange:

Kokai: As we wrap up in looking at this war on terror, the United States can’t just cut and run and decide that there is no longer a war on terror, can it?

McInerney: No. Cut and run is not a forward strategy. Cut and run does not defeat ideologies. As I’ve said, you defeat an ideology, which we are fighting against, [by] being forward, enabling moderates to grow up and take over. Cut and run abandons that, and how they get away with this cut and run strategy, it amazes me, because it doesn’t do anything. Defending ports and airports and banks and shopping malls of the United States does not defeat an ideology. You have to defeat it forward. And, frankly, we’re winning. We are winning.

We are winning. Stay the course. We are winning. $1.5 trillion. We are winning. We are winning. Yes master. We are winning.

*wakes from bad dream*

It looks like old Mitch hasn't just been drinking Karl Rove Kool-Aid, he's been mainlining it. An interview question like that would have earned him an automatic F in J-school. And out here in real life, it warrants nothing but ridicule. If the Carolina Journal wants to be considered anything other than a laughable echo-chamber for right wing talking points, they should probably send Kookai back to school where he can learn to think for himself. But that's a pretty big 'if.'


PS According to Kokai's biography, he earned highest honors and highest distinction from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. What an embarrassment for the J-school.


Open season on Bushbots . . .

Puppet Rick Martinez, a columnist for the Raleigh News and Observer and frequent water-carrier for Art Pope, jumps the shark this morning with hyperbole worthy of laughing out loud. In commenting about the NY Times exposing another BushCo affront to personal liberty and privacy, he has this to say:

What The Times did -- and to a lesser extent The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal -- is much more than to raise a theoretical First Amendment argument. Their stories, I fear, will rob us of a significant weapon in the war on terrorists. If there has been a lower point in American journalism in my lifetime, I can't recall it.

I can think of lots of lower points, Little Ricky. They occur every time your columns appear in your paper's miserable editorial pages.

I am cutting out here Man! Somebody is listening to my stuff

According to Kokai's biography, he earned highest honors and highest distinction from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. What an embarrassment for the J-school.*

It appears that the cut and run theory is between Chapel
Hill and Raleigh and works.

Speaking of Bushbots

Looks like the beginning of the end for Fox News. Guess Mr. Kokai should plan will have to be content shilling for the Puppetmaster for ever. A fate worse than death.

Speaking of Foxx and numbers going South

Naw! Don't worry about Foxx going south in the rating game.

They are already at work to make a big, big comeback
with the recent Russ Laugh mountian back scandel over
the Blue pills vacation. Russ rating are fading and
O'Really numbers drop 15 points. So the brain trusts
at Foxx have decided on a new and exciting porn Foxx call
in show . The title is somewhat fuzzy at this point.

The main title for the show suggested by a focus group
from the Porn industry is " Listen to Bill and Russ have
phone Sex with each other and have your credit card number
ready when the operater comes on line." Nothing like free
capitalism at work to make a big raise in the rating game.

Speaking of Wikipedia

The kokai or kokai tokkyo koho is the name given to the published, unexamined Japanese patent application, as opposed to the kokoku or tokkyo koho, the examined and approved Japanese patent application.


Orange Politics has a funny find today. Chapel Hill's AM station (WCHL), where Mitch Kokai cut his teeth on small town news, is dissing the blogosphere with amusing and uninformed blather. You can find the story here.

A new Generation of rookie bloggers appears once more

One story asks "Can hard news be found on blogs?" concluding with this ridiculous statement: "So the next time you read a blog online, remember that you could be getting information from a twelve-year-old rather than a professional."* Rudy or whatever

Funny! It appears that this dude is new to net and blogging.

I guess the dude never heard of the first flash in pan
blogger 10 years ago when sweet thing Matt Dudge Blew
the Clinton Moncia thing at my space wide open....Whatever
happen to Matt? Did he and Jeff Gannon get marry and form
the perfect storm of reporting? Oh that is right! Matt
broke the big story about VR being a beast in bed with