Koch brothers play Henry Higgins for potential nutcase TeaBagger candidates

Mother Jones is reporting that the Koch brothers aren't just satisified with throwing money at candidates or supporting and coordinating with campaigns with ads run by groups like Americans for Prosperity.

Now, after sinking millions of dollars into loosing Tea Bagger candidates in the last election cycle, the Koch's have set up a consulting firm to operate a kind of "school" to groom Tea Bagger candidates for campaigning. They're hoping to prevent the next Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin from sticking their foot in their mouth up to their elbow.

And it's not just national races they're looking at - these candidates will be groomed for local and state campaigns. With Art "I Think It Would Be Fun to Buy a Legislature" Pope's connections with Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers, I'm sure he'll be sending some potential raw Carolina bubbah-qued Tea Bagger meat up to the Koch Candidate School.

Even if they get them to properly sing "The rain in Spain", it's hard to get bat-shit crazy in office and keep them there. You can see the crazy in their eyes.