Koch brothers interfering in NC school voucher lawsuit

NC Policy Watch takes a look at the libertarian law firm funded by the Koch brothers that are representing some parents in court cases challenging NC's school voucher law.

The law firm was founded in 1991 by Clint Bolick and Chip Mellor. In the firm’s early days, Bolick was known for his work opposing affirmative action legislation, and acted as one of the top strategists endeavoring to hold up the passage of the 1991 Civil Rights bill.

And, according to the New York Times, he is one of the prime architects behind school voucher plans in Milwaukee and Cleveland, which have come under intense scrutiny for no better or worse academic outcomes for its students as compared with public schools and numerous incidents of fraud and abuse of the programs.

The Institute for Justice has participated in 20 school privatization cases since the early 1990s and is engaged in five cases that are ongoing, including the lawsuits challenging North Carolina’s school voucher law.

The article goes on to discuss one Christian school in Raleigh that backed the voucher law that the NCAA described as a "diploma mill for basketball recruits".