Kneeling band members reveal bigotry and hatred at ECU

More than enough shame to go around:

After a public records request, the News & Observer reviewed more than 450 pages of emails to and from Staton following the Oct. 1 game in Greenville. More than a dozen band members knelt during the playing of the national anthem, joining in a national wave of protests against police shootings of African-Americans. The ECU protest elicited a chorus of boos from fans in the stadium, and the band had to have a police escort from the game after members were spat on and pelted with trash.

Who would do that? Seriously, who would spit on somebody else at a public event? Who would consider that a proper way to show your disagreement with somebody else's behavior? I tell you who would do that, the same people who would label another as a "thug" simply based on the color of that person's skin. This sounds like something that would have happened during the 50's and 60's desegregation era, not fifty years later. And leave it to the biggest bigots of all to use their family money to pressure the University:

Even before the game was over, one game attendee emailed Staton. “Our group of 12 will not return to any athletic events this year, we will not renew our season tickets, and I am pulling my child from your school after this semester,” wrote Wes Adams. “Unbelievably disrespectful. If this is going to continue to be allowed you better think long and hard about canceling military appreciation day. You and these band members are an embarrassment and disgrace not only to our University but to our nation as well. Can’t wait until you’re fired.”

Another, identified as Christian Eastman, wrote that his family would stop donating to the university. “In total, I would estimate our family’s generosity is well north of $70k,” he emailed to the chancellor. “After what I witnessed today, I am no longer going to be so quick to support my beloved Pirates. ... I know this is a tough situation for you but I hope you realize the magnitude of the situation.”

No doubt "Christian Eastman" is a pseudonym, but whoever he is, he needs to crack open his bible and see what Jesus had to say about the wealthy swinging their weight around. In point of fact, that was the only issue that caused the J-man to turn physically violent.



Just as disturbing as the racism ...

... is the fact that these people got through our public school system and four years of college while not learning or choosing to ignore basic civics lessons about the First Amendment, Supreme Court decisions, and the limits of schools and colleges on abridging free speech rights of students.