KKK No Shows at Rally

Reports are that the KKK was a no show at today's announced rally in Pelham, NC, a town in western Caswell County.

Who did show Up?

About 150 or so counter protestors,
a couple of dozen members of the media,
a dozen police officers.

But no one from the Klan. At least, no one dressed in a Klan costume showed up.

It should be noted that NC GOP Chair, Robin Hayes, has joined Democrats in condemning Klan activities, saying:

“These acts and thought processes are no reflection of the heartbeat of this great country and are counter to the efforts to make America great again,” Hayes stated in a release issued three days after the election. “We stand with the Democratic Party in calling these out-of-state troublemakers to go home.”

It should be noted that The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks hate groups such as the KKK, and has long identified this part of our state as "perhaps the most active Klan group in the United States today...”

One planned rally did not happen. Why, we don't know. But it is a step in the right direction.



It seems the KKK moved it

It seems the KKK moved it 'rally' to Roxboro, where they drove through town once, and left.