Kissell Set to Succeed Where Hayes Failed - Update/Video

Rep. Larry Kissell, NC-08 went in front of the rules committee today to try to fulfill promises made to American textile workers by his predecessor, Robin Hayes. With less than three full weeks under his belt, Kissell proposed an amendment to the committee and his amendment is included as part of the stimulus bill. Tomorrow, that amendment will be debated on the House floor.

The amendment would require the Department of Homeland Security purchase uniforms from American textile companies. Hayes tried and failed to get similar legislation through the House. You will find the full amendment here.


This morning, Congressional Quarterly is running an article that explains just how many hurdles, Rep. Kissell had to clear in order to have his amendment considered and included. According to CQ, Rep. Louise Slaughter, Chair of the Rules Committee set three standards that had to be met for an amendment to be considered. She required that the amendment had to be "germane" to the bill, it had to have a stimulative effect on the economy and it couldn't increase the overall cost.

There were 206 amendments proposed in the 3+ hour meeting of the Rules committee. Full video of the meeting is here. Only 11 amendments made it through the cut. From CQ:

Larry Kissell , a freshman Democrat from North Carolina, had offered amendments intended to direct stimulus spending to American textile and metal manufacturers. He was one of the lucky ones; his proposal for uniform purchases to be made from American textile-makers was put on the docket for a Wednesday floor vote.

Dang, I'm proud of Larry.



Not celebrating yet

but I'm really proud of Larry Kissell.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I gotta check this out

Is this guy a democrat?

(JUST KIDDING, y'all :>)

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Very Exciting

Larry is already more effective than Hayes. It sure didn't take him long.

"Keep the Faith"

You're kidding.

We buy foreign uniforms for the US Army?

What a freakin' joke.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Berets made in China.....

Great for morale, eh?

I think we make all our own bombs, though.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

We do make all our own bombs

however, if you have a complaint or a question about said bombs, the helpline has been outsourced to India.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I think we make all our own A-Bombs! Maybe?

I think we make all our own bombs, though.*Betsy

Not really! We have contracts though Globel corportions that make weapons, missles and yes, weapons software in the following counties, Canada, Germany, France, England.

Between 3 and 5

I have no idea how long it takes to vote on every separate amendment but they are on Amendment 3 right now(2:15). Larry's is #8.

"Keep the Faith"

NC Coming Together

Larry just yielded time to David Price so that he could speak in support of the bill, which isn't very surprising. But he then yielded time to Howard Coble to speak in support. I am glad that this has bipartisan support in the House.

And it just passed with a voice vote!

"Keep the Faith"


He generally does vote for amendments/laws that will help the textile industry. District 6 has been hurt by the loss of textile manufacturers, as well as the loss of furniture makers as well.

Good for old Howard. I'm still going to vote against him, though.

I hate that post

We have a representative in our state that votes for industry and folks that are employed in that industry...yet, because he has an "R" in front of his name, people are gonna vote against him.

That's just disappointing. What's good for America is NOT trumped by what's good for any political party.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Uh, huh

So...can ya list say..............10 for me?


The best thinking is independent thinking.

Just askin' for 5%

James...I'm just asking for you to list 5% of the couple hundred reasons for not voting for Coble.

Ya gotta know Google or or Yahoo Search can help ya with that.

(Just kiddin', my friend).

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I'll tell you what I think - and I'm a constituent of his.

He always takes the easy way - the popular path. He supported Bush until Bush was not popular in the country.

He signed the "Contract with America", and then failed to live up to the proposed self-imposed term limits.

He actually said that he would support something like the internment camps that were used for corralling Japanese-Americans in the 40's.

I don't trust him.

Coble doesn't even trust Coble

Coble gave every reason to not vote for Coble just today.

First he rises in strong support of an amendment to put his constituents back to work, then votes against the very bill that would have done it an hour later.

He's a political hack trying to be everything to everybody, and that nets nothing for anyone.

Did you see his impassioned plea to support Kissell's amendment because his Mama worked in the mills and he knows firsthand the importance of that textile income, and we lost 8,000 textile jobs in NC and 44 plants, blah, blah, blah...?

Then after saying all the right populist talking points for the amendment, Coble votes AGAINST the bill carrying it saying all the right Republican talking points less than an hour later.

Coble said he opposed the bill because the most effective means of jump-starting the economy was to provide tax incentives to working families and small businesses.

"There are more than 778,000 small businesses in North Carolina with 500 or fewer employees," Coble said in a press statement. "These businesses represent more than 98 percent of all of the firms doing business in our state, and they create more than 54 percent of the new jobs in North Carolina."

Coble also saw no jump-start from legislation in which only 15 percent of the funding would be utilized this year, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates.

"Job cuts have been predicted to continue into this summer," Coble said, "and our working families cannot afford to wait for stimulus years from now. They need it immediately.

"I don't see how spending $335 million to combat sexually transmitted diseases or $600 million for new cars for government workers will create or protect North Carolina jobs."

Coble said he understood the bill would cost each tax-paying resident in his district $2,700.

"With more than 680,000 residents, our total bill will be $1.88 billion, and we have no guarantee or estimate on how it will help our district," he said.

On a side note, Coble spoke on the House floor earlier Wednesday to support an amendment offered by Kissell.

It's not the "R" by his name that's the problem. It's the fork in his tongue.

Just what I thought

HAHAHA....I pretty much knew what I'd finally get on this. Someone could pick a democratic congressman and pose what I've posed here but on a conservative blog and get pretty much the same kind of rhetoric against him/her. It's like saying someone "voted against" something. Well, depends on whether it was an initial bill that got voted against then had to be sent back to committee to get things in it so it'd pass and so forth...but still counts as a "vote against" kinda thing. It's all in how ya want to look at it and from what perspective. I expect "D" people to vote in majority with "D" people (as happens 90% of the time if not more) and "R" people to vote with "R" people...same percent. No, I don't like it, but expect it. I'm an "R" and really like some demos even though they vote along party line regardless. I should switch to "Independant", probably...and I'd bet I'd be as much an "Independant" or more than a lot of folks that are registered that way. I really like Kissell...something I get grief for from my repub cohorts just because he's got that dreaded "D" in front of his name. That's happening more and more to me...I think BlueNC has changed me and it's not to my party's benefit.

I know a number of people that have gotten just great constituent services from Coble's office. In addition, he does not always vote "R", but, of course, he IS an "R" and votes that way most of the time. People in his district seem to love him...hell, there's been times he's run unopposed I believe.

I'm pretty sure both my bride and I are going to make the plunge next week when she's off and change our registration to "I". This way I can keep my beliefs and not have to go to meetings anymore. It'll be great. I'll like people not because of the "D" or the "R" in front of their name....rather just because I think they're honest and dedicated and think like I do sometimes even though I know they'll be supporting most of what their party wants them to.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Most of the time?

That would be exactly 91% of the time.

I'm an "I," so welcome to the party! But don't think it changes much. The way Congress works is 100% a function of who's in the majority. If R's are in the majority, you have people controlling committees (which control everything) that agree with all the points I made earlier.

You could get the same response on a right wing blog to a Democrat, but the truth is, Democrats have lately been on the correct (people's) side of more issues than the Republicans have. Hence the sweeping electoral victories in November.

Constituent service is a great thing. Eight years of voting with Bush 91% of the time? Well, that's priceless.


Changing your party affiliation doesn't change your core beliefs

Good Lord you two. If having a D or an R by your name makes you feel obligated to toe the party line and relinquish any hold you had on objectivity and indpendent thinking, then God forbid change the damn letter by your name, but don't talk like the rest of us aren't objective or free thinking individuals just because we choose to be members of a political party. Changing your party affiliation didn't/doesn't make you any more or less independent than the next person.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

But it might reflect your core beliefs

As neither party comes close in practice to truly reflecting my core beliefs, I chose to go Unaffiliated. It would be impossible for me to be a "good Democrat" or "good Republican." As it stands, I can vote for the best candidate without having any worries or obligaitons to be "loyal."

Your need/obligation/worry to feel "loyal"

Isn't shared by this Democrat. I have never once in my life been told that I shouldn't/should say/do/think a certain way by the Democratic Party. The only restriction I have being affiliated with the party is that I can't choose which primary I vote in. I'm restricted to voting in the Democratic primary in this state. I can be a part of party infrastructure and I am in a small way and not once has anyone told me what to think, feel, say or do. I imagine that a huge majority of Democrats would say the same thing.

Having a D after my name doesn't change how I think, feel or act - but how I think, feel and act is more likely to change my party because I have that D after my name.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

True statement Ms. Betsy

But, if you've been reading my posts...especially of late, I'm kinda "in between". I see a HUGE number of "D" folks here that do, in fact, follow the party line just as I see a HUGE number of "R" folks on other blogs doing the same with regard to their affiliation/beliefs.

I have just gotten to the point that I favor a lot of what demos are doing (and as James said, is correct in a lot of ways) and I also favor a lot of what the repubs are saying/doing. I love Kissell, for example, and will probably work for whoever runs against Foxx next election period. I think...hell, I KNOW the repubs in congress and El Senior Bushman are the reason we're in the shape we're in....but honestly, I also have seen on sooooooooo many incidents of the VAST majority of the dems in both houses of congress voting straight party line....even when something worthwhile was presented.

I'm gonna get that "R" off my registration because I think I'm an "I"...end of story. I think that's why James did it too. But, of course, he does favor a whole bunch of lib/dem stuff where I favor a whole bunch of repub/mod, we'll still have "meaningful" debates here, I'm sure.

All's good.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Your situation is different though

You are finding your views shifting to the left(toward center....not hard left) in certain areas which means you are likely to see a need to vote in the Democratic primary some day, especially now that you have discovered some conservative/moderate Dems who impress you. I don't ever in my lifetime see the need to vote in a Republican primary.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You might reconsider...

I don't ever in my lifetime see the need to vote in a Republican primary.

You can always vote for the worst candidate in their primary so they'll lose in the general election ;-)

Sorry for late response

Had to do a "honey do" if ya know what I mean.....

I hate it that when (not if) I do re-register as an Independant I won't be able to vote in a primary. Not sure how to get around that...but I know it's the situation right now. It isn't gonna change my decision...I'm steadfast in my beliefs to a fault, I guess.

Yes...I have certainly moved to the left. No, I'm not someone that sees a post against something the dem party says or does and just go're right about that. I just hate it when I see folks do that. Nor do I fall off the right side of the scale when someone says something negative about some conservative view or stance on any particular issue. I get stupid sometimes...guilty. But, that comes from years of "belief" on whatever subject is presented. I know you, Betsy, won't take a "republican" side on much and I know you're pretty far left...and because of that, I respect you for your defense of liberal beliefs/issues. You might not be right on issues from my point of view, but you don't waffle. That's admirable.

There are many here that are like that and it's why I like being here. I'm like that...but from the other side. But, I'm not afraid to say something positive about a republican or something negative about a democrat. Some here would rather crap in their grandmother's favorite frying pan than say something negative about something a demo did or something positive a repub did....and you know it.

I have put a signature line in but I think I did it looks like just part of my post every time...what can I do to correct that?


The best thinking is independent thinking.


In NC, if you are registered as an independent, you can vote in either the Republican or the Democratic primary (or Libertarian I suppose if they have one). Your registration is then changed to the party whose primary you voted in, so if you still want to be an independent, you have to re-register after the primary.

Before you fancy it up

with some refined seriffy font or eye-catching color, you may want to fix the misspelling. It's "independent", with no "a" in there.

You've just been written a warning ticket by the Grammar Police. Have a nice day, sir. :)

Red Faced !!

OOPS ! Well, guess that's why I always was the first one to sit down on spelling bees.

Corrected not...hopefully.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I got your "misspelled"


But, I fell for it.


The best thinking is independent thinking.

No, really Smitty...

You had us at...


Just imagine the onslaught of deafening Conservative ideology if BlueNC deemed to add animated emoticons.

I shudder to think.

Sorry for the quality.....that was taped

off of my computer from a tiny little square and it's a bit distorted, but you get the idea. Larry has hit the ground running.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for sharing

Can't wait to see a 2minute speech or committee Q&A