Kissell Co-Sponsor HR 1147? Or Not? (Local Community Radio Act of 2009)

The Local Community Radio Act would effectively end decades of radio domination by Big Media and their mouthpieces.

35 45 Members of Congress have co-sponsored HR 1147, Larry Kissell is not one of them.



Wouldn't local community radio benefit rural areas?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It goes well beyond simply benefitting rural areas

Read the text of the's short..and to the point with the benefits and reasoning stated in the language of the bill. I'd say this is a model of comprehensible long as it is true.

The statement about Kissell... it's getting unnerving that people work and give and believe...and then we have to start to wonder what's going on. This seems like a no-brainer for his support.

What do you think?

Stan Bozarth

Fund Raiser

I received an invitation to help with a fund raiser for Larry in the mail today. I can be a host for $1,000, a sponsor for $500 or just a guest for $250 AND it's being held April 16. I wonder if they think I will have any money on April 16 or if I would spend it like that if I did. I was a devoted fan for a long time, and now I am just sad.


Nan and I are not in Larry's District. However, we have a

pile of those big yellow smiley face "thank you's" for our contributions to his campaign. We had personal phone calls. We're done. We're done with all of 'em. I like Brad Miller better than sliced bread, and we gave to him too...but we're done.

I want to see people in Congress actually stand up and fight for the rights of the people they represent. I challenge anyone in Congress to show me one constituent letter asking for the credit card companies to be allowed to bait and switch and charge 30% interest...yet they allow this BS to continue unabated. To hell with all this seniority and procedural formality...get in front of the media and stand up!! Make an issue and embarrass the hell out of your feckless peers.

Whenever I get a fundraising letter these days I simply toss it in the trash. Done. Disgusted. No longer hopeful. $1000 or even $250 from the little folks who elected him? He's got to be delusional. I'm gonna pay that kind of money to shake his hand? I don't think so.

It's over.

Stan Bozarth

Now I Feel Like a Jerk

A host just offered me a free ticket. And Stan....I love Brad Miller more than that. I'm not done with him. I'll never be done with him.



It absolutely would help in rural situations but Stan is right it means a whole lot more. In my mind you are either for HR 1147 or you are for media consolidation and big corporate media. I called Kissell's office and left a message last month. I did not hear back from them. I just sent an email. I don't give to many political campaigns and won't be giving to his again absent his support of the Local Community Radio Act.

We The People have the Power!

If we decide to use it. I Listen to Thom Hartmann just about everyday on my Palm Treo 755p on mainly because it is easily accessible to me and also because their isn't any Progressive Talk in Eastern North Carolina.

Greenville which I would believe probably is one the Most Progressive Towns in NC doesn't even have a Progressive Talk Station. There is a Market for it if only the Big and Powerful Stations didn't control the Media. And they say there is a Liberal Media. WHERE IS IT! Other than a few hours of MSNBC a day and a Few Great Progressive Talkers.

Thom Hartmann, Ed Shultz, Stephanie Miller, Ron Reagan, Errol Louis etc. These voices need to be heard and many more like them.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

I'd say give the guy a break

There are thousands of bills introduced during each session. If a member of Congress takes a stand on one and you don't like what they have to say, take them to task. If they aren't signed on to every single of the hundreds of bills they might possibly support if they read every single bill, give them a break.

There are enough stances to praise or curse him for. Not having a position paper on every one of the 10,000 bills introduced every session seems pretty reasonable to me.

I don't know about "position paper"

but if he's gonna vote then he ought to know what he's voting on...and if he knows what he's to vote on, then he ought to be supporting it.

I'm sorta tired of letting people off the hook because their job is complex or whatever. If they can't handle it, get out.

Stan Bozarth


Well that depends on what issues you are interested in, I guess? As a musician and consumer of alternative media I hope he gets on the stick.

Nothing against this bill,

but I don't see any of our North Carolina Representatives on the list of cosponsors.

To single Larry out for a drubbing when none of our other Democratic Congressmen have signed on either is patently unfair and misleading.

Why Larry?

Find Your Representative

For the ZIP code area 282**, the Representative is:
Larry Kissell (D) North Carolina 8th.

I suppose I could complain about someone else but then they would not be my REPRESENTATIVE. Since I VOTED for Kissell, encouraged my wife to VOTE for him and donated to his campaign; I hardly take it as SINGLING him out.

Why don't you stop being defensive? I didn't attack him, I asked a reasonable question.


I'm not being defensive, Eric

I'm just trying to be realistic here. Not being a cosponsor doesn't equate to, "I disagree with this", or even , "I don't care either way about this", it just means this is one of hundreds of bills that hasn't grabbed his attention.

Look, I'm probably the last person here who should preach about the possibly misleading nature of the way some sentences are constructed, but the use of the contraction "won't" (will not) here:

"Why Won't Kissell Co-Sponsor HR 1147?"

implies that Kissel has considered it and decided not to. Do you follow me? The word, "Hasn't" in its place would be far more accurate.

Hasn't ftw

Agreed. That's basically what I asked him. I also mentioned, hey no one else in NC is a co-sponsor. So I'm guessing Sue Myrick won't steal his thunda. heh

edited the title

Still no word back yet.

and still no response?

You know, it used to peeve me that when Robin Hayes would respond,(and he/his lackies DID ALWAYS respond)he would tell me why he was going 180 degrees away from what I was requesting. Two emails and a phone call later I'm no closer to understanding where Kissell stands on LPFM or community radio.

Kissell is a cosponsor of the legislation

He signed on to the bill April 23. Which office did you call? They should have gotten back in touch. Call the Concord office. I know someone who works there. They'll respond.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Much coolness

There could be any number of things that brought this bill to Larry's attention. But I'm going to be an optimist and assume it was Eric's efforts with this diary and/or his messages that made this happen.

Congratulations, Eric!


for the information guys.
I called the NC #. I also wrote him via email twice. All it got me was subscribed to his newsletter, which I did not request. But thanks again for letting me know. I'm not very regular on here, so I'm sorry to respond so much later.

Well...I found out later it might be a substitute

and since I'm not really following this one (sorry) I didn't check it out.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I'm not sure what that means "substitute." But he's not showing as one of the 45 Co-Sponsors. No one voted for it on 4/23.

Hearing Thursday 6/10

We are thrilled to report that the Communications, Technology and Internet Subcommittee of the US House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committee will be holding a hearing on HR 1147, the Local Community Radio Act, on Thursday, June 11 at 10 am.

Also UPDATE: Now up to 54 co-sponsors of HR 1147. Kissell D-NC, still not one of them.