Killed over a photograph

This man, from Asheville, was killed for taking a picture in a public place.

Should he have asked first? I don't know, I was not there.

Why do we maintain the illusion that might makes right?


Should he have asked first? Maybe...

It all depends on circumstances...

In a photography course, I learned about when permission is needed to photograph someone. The general rule is that when there is an expectation of privacy, you should ask.

Maybe permission should've been sought...Regardless, assault isn't the answer or the appropriate recourse. .

Thomas S. Brock


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The Den
My darling girl, when will you understand that 'normal' isn't necessarily a virtue. It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

This guy will get

3 - 5 and be out in 2.5 for good behavior.

Yet he destroyed a life and a family because someone took his picture? That guy walking the streets today does not deserve to walk our streets. If someone taking his picture places him into a rage then at best he has a mental problem and will strike out again.

At worst, he is a cold blooded killer. Either way, he is dangerious to society.

For our safety, he needs to be put away until the day the dead guy can enjoy the freedoms taken from him. To me, that is a punishment that befits this crime.