Kenneth Lewis for North Carolinia US Senate in 2010

Things we learned abouted Kenneth Lewis as a canidiate for NC US Senate are things we need to know; Some of the things people do not know about Kenneth Lewis and why he want to be our next senator from NC in 2010, because he is a North Carolinian that understands the values of North Carolinians. Kenneth Lewis’s Background and Experience Make Him a Particularly Strong Candidate in 2010. Kenneth has been a business and community development lawyer in North Carolina for 22 years. Over the years his clients have tracked the evolution of North Carolina’s economy from manufacturing to high tech to financial services to green technology. He has also represented some of the state’s leading affordable housing and small business lending nonprofit organizations. He has been a partner in 2 of the State’s largest law firms. His current firm is the largest and most politically active firm in the State. Kenneth has also been an entrepreneur, having started and run his own boutique law firm.

Community Leader. Through his practice and civic activities, Kenneth has been an active leader in the “human needs” and the community development and affordable housing communities. He represented the State’s largest non-profit developer of tax-credit financed affordable housing. He has also worked with and served in leadership positions with a nationally recognized innovator and leader in responsible lending, a statewide children’s issues advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood, an early childhood development organization, and a nationally recognized academic hospital.

Deep Roots in North Carolina. Kenneth was born and raised in North Carolina and with the exception of 3 years in law school has spent his entire life in the state. His family has been in NC for 5 generations. His parents were active public servants. His father was a minister and a college professor. His mother was a public school teacher. He has lived and/or worked in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Charlotte, representing 5 of the 7 metropolitan cities at the center of the 22 counties that now account for over 50% of the vote in North Carolina.

Common Sense Politics Aligned with Mood of Country and Newly Blue North Carolina. Kenneth promotes a pragmatic and common sense politics that draws upon his experience in both the business and the “human needs” communities. He promotes building strategic coalitions abroad to keep America safe, restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington, while making smart policies and investments in education, research, innovation, health care, and infrastructure that will create a new prosperity in the country that is broad-based and sustainable.

Obama Fundraiser and Grassroots Organizer. Kenneth was a member of the State Finance Committee for Senator Obama, and was active in grassroots organizing for the Obama campaign in North Carolina.

Favorable Academic Background. Kenneth is a graduate of Duke University and the Harvard Law School.

Looking to hear Kenneth speak in Smitfield NC @ JUBILEE DAY SERVICES @ 11:00 am
Massey Street, Johnston Alumni Center.

Also speaking to us canidiate for Sheriff of Johnston County 2010, Gerry Mouzon 30 year former State partrolman in NC.


Transparency of the blogger


I haven't met Mr. Kenneth Lewis yet, I only read the articles printed in the N&O,
others blogs comments about his plate form issues, his work in NC, his work with the Obama campaign in 08 and his biography. I am looking forward to hearing and meeting Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gerry Mouzon during Jubilee Day Services in Smithfield @ the Johnston County Alumni Center on Massey St. 01/01/2010 @ 11:00 am. And If Mr. Lewis convey his massage to us as a serious candidate as he does a committed servant for NC, we may have a very good representative and a democrat for NC in the US Senate in 2010.

As for as my web site is concern, I am a former Candidate for Clayton City Town Council in 2009. My wed site is still up and running well, but haven't pull down campaign 09 information yet. tell a story now about Russell Cotten and his 09 campaign history, but in 2010, we will be supporting candidates and other people that we feel will be good servants for Johnston County and North Carolina 2010/2012.