Keith Scott's Life Matters

Keith Scott's life matters.

It mattered before he was shot and killed on Tuesday.

His life mattered if he held a gun and it mattered if he held a book.

His life matters as all sides rush to judgment with the truth, half-truths, speculation, rumors, and lies.

Keith Scott's life matters just as much as the life of the police officer who shot and killed him. Yes, the officer's life matters too. Nobody has said it didn't.

We're going to hear a lot about Keith Scott's life and his death over the coming months. By now, we know the drill. Everything he ever did wrong will be thrown out for public consumption as if past transgressions surely justify being shot dead by police.

We will hear that he had a gun but that he wasn't pointing it as if that fraction of a second is enough time to duck and dodge a bullet and as if his intent was as clear as if written in a speech bubble over his head.

Keith Scott will be painted as a saint and he will be painted as a sinner.

So, for the time being, ignore what you hear and accept these undeniable truths. Keith Scott's life matters and his death is tragic.



Body camera and other footage exists

Charlotte authorities are reviewing video from body cams and dash cams from the deadly confrontation, they said today, and refused to release it until the investigation is over.
Or not at all if they take refuge in the recently passed state law.
Hiding the available facts inspires trust in no one.
Nor is anyone's trust earned through concealment.
The ACLU is right.
Show us what happened.
Release the footage, now.

Yeah, I already know

about Scott's criminal record, but (of course) nothing about the officer that shot him, how he scored on performance reports, what complaints (if any) had been filed against him, etc. But we were immediately told he was black.

The ability and the habit of police controlling the information flow in these cases is a big part of the problem. And the longer they refuse to release videos of this incident, the bigger that problem will get.

Open carry.

Open carry is legal in North Carolina. Whether book or firearm, this man should not have been shot.

Open carry is not specifically limited by State law, but some local governments may have ordinances against openly carried weapons. Whether these local ordinances violate the State's firearm preemption laws has not been tested in North Carolina's courts


Had the videos clearly shown him brandishing a gun of some kind, they would have been out there for all to see.
The streets of Charlotte have been filled with people who knew that.
Even now, the possibility that the videos will somehow come to light in the future has precluded most altogether false claims that they do somehow clearly show him brandishing a weapon. They apparently show him with his hands by his sides, retreating. Had I killed someone under those circumstances, I would I think be charged with murder.