Kay Hagan sliding toward irrelevance?

Unbelievable doubletalk from the mouth of North Carolina's junior corporate apologist, who appears sympathetic to keeping Bush-era tax cuts for the rich in place.

Hagan said her priority in evaluating a deficit-reduction plan will be the needs of her state, not necessarily what her party leaders want. She won her seat in 2008 when Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win North Carolina since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

“I need to be looking at what’s important in North Carolina, and you better believe that’s what I will do,” Hagan said.

Pressed on whether she could be persuaded to support the Republican position of extending the Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels, Hagan said, “I want to look at the whole package, but I definitely want to protect the middle-class taxpayer, first and foremost.”

If North Carolina wants to elect a shill for wealthy corporate interests, we have lots of Republican options to choose from. Please contact Kay Hagan and tell her that our state's interests depend on a tax structure that is fair to working families, not just her buddies in investment banking.


Kay Hagan: Last old DINO lumbering out of NC

As was proven with a resounding thud on Nov 6, NC voters will happily choose a real GOPer over a GOP-lite anyday.

Hagan's serving her last two years and McIntyre won't squeak by on anyone's tails in 2014.

Good riddance to the last of DINOs.

If the NC Democratic party still doesn't think it hit rock bottom after this year; it will know it in 2014.

You've got to acknowledge the problem in order to fix it.

NC Democrats' high water mark was 2006. Obama's wave (or rather, Bush II's historic failures) in 2008 papered over the diseased and failing Democratic party at the time. As most know, Democrats actually lost a legislative seat from 2006 to 2008 -- they didn't have gains.

A new beginning -- not a resurrection of old, failed ways -- is what must happen for the NC Democrats to become relevant again.

And Hagan is the last standing connection to the old, failed ways.

Keep carrying water for your corporate masters, Kay. We know you're just prepping your resume for them in 2 years.


Yes - 2006 was a pretty good year.

2008 was a good year too - even Obama recognized that the 50-state partybuilding strategy of Howard Dean (and by extension the 100-county strategy by Jerry Meek) helped him get elected.

But a big part of the problem was all the energy that got put into the national race in 2008 in our state diverted precious energy from the legislative races.

Yes we lost one Senate seat in 2008, but that went from 31 to 30. A few years earlier NC Dems had 28 Senate seats (2002), 29 (2004), then back up to 31 in 2006.

I'd say the bigger problem - one that SEC members faced head on when they elected Jerry Meek in 2005 - was that the Democratic Party needed to stop being the party of the Governor and the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader (and their campaign staffs). The party needed to be rebuilt up from the grassroots. Meek was the clear choice to make that happen, but even he lost his "drive" to keep that going in the right direction in early January 2008 (after the Mecklenburg County precinct recertification battle). After the May 2008 primary, he was content to let whatever presidential contender won the unofficial nod to come in and take over here in NC. And we are still suffering because of that now.

After Bev wanted David Young to come in - the SEC had enough. They elected Parker in 2011 by an even bigger margin than Meek won by in 2005. Had it not been for the damned convention in Charlotte, I think we might have either won the Governor and Lt Gov race with a real coordinated campaign.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Mrs. Hagan, the Republican

Mrs. Hagan, the Republican party is this way >>>>

Keep this up and say good bye to activists who elect DEMOCRATS.

Mrs Hagan needs to understand

Mrs Hagan needs to understand very clearly that her position of shilling for what she believes is corporate interest in North Carolina is at best stupid. She need not concern herself about her fears of the corp conservative old line in NC. They DID NOT elect her in 2008 although they obviously blew a lot of happy smoke up her and her husbands backside. It was the straight party ticket voters, and Obamas army who put her in the Senate not her pals in the NC business establishment. Get over it Kay. You stupidly voted against the Dream Act and now you want to mouth taxes for the rich should not go up? Hopefully Kay you still have that place in Florida because missy...dahlin dahin Kay, huny your toast. You will not win re-election because NC Republicans don't like ya...and neither do we Democrats..not even an old yella dog like me.

Double - talk, certainly, but it would be wise to

look at her voting record and interest group ratings to get a more complete picture of her record in the US Senate.

She does well on some progressive causes and not so well on others. On the whole she does seem way better than a full fledged R would be, particularly ones named Burr.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


I just don't understand why we can't ... for once in North Carolina ... get a glass that's more than half full.

Kay is great on a lot of issues, but by keeping one foot squarely in camp of corporate welfare, she does a disservice to millions of North Carolina citizens who have gotten screwed by the anti-worker policies we've seen over the past 20 years.

Perhaps Brad Miller would consider a run at some point

I have heard him speak numerous times and he is about the most straight talking politician I have encountered. He is progressive and practical.

Of course I doubt he would oppose Hagan in 2014, but perhaps he would give Burr a run for money in 2016.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

If Brad Miller could not find

If Brad Miller could not find it possible to take on Holding what makes you think he will try to run a Statewide race?

Gerry Mander

Prince Holding was handed his seat in Congress on a platter designed for him by Thom Tillis ... almost arithmetically impossible for a Democrat to win, especially a sane, thoughtful Democrat.

Senate would be a statewide contest, of course.

That said, judging by the last election, North Carolina appears to not yet have enough sane, thoughtful people to elect a progressive Democrat statewide either.

Is that a valid comparison?

Let's be honest, Brad Miller did his own bit of gerrymandering a decade ago, making sure his newly carved out fiefdom had 54% Democrats. Now in the new 13th, Democrats still hold a 40% plurality....but Brad isn't a fighter and is isn't about to risk a defeat in a contest where he doesn't have an overwhelming advantage. Which brings us to the Senate race....Democrats are about 43% of the NC electorate as of today according to the State board of elections....so our friend may very well be correct....Miller won't be mounting a Senate run.

I beg to differ

While Brad might not be a vicious, say-anything-to-get-elected candidate, he most definitely is a fighter. You can ask the bankers and Wall Street dons if they'd prefer to answer questions from Brad or pretty much anybody else, and their answer would be, "anybody else, please."

I think he'd be a great Senator. But, for the reasons I mentioned above, there would likely be a mountain of money opposing him.


we should mutually define "fighter". My point was that he'll exit the arena when he doesn't have overwhelming advantage. Maybe that's not right. But the numbers I threw out there suggest otherwise. You may think I have a bias towards this lawyer and you'd probably be right. His constituent service is execrable and I know several other disabled veterans who've needed his help and gotten blown off as well. Thus, I'd have to question just why he'd be a good Senator.

Brad Miller will only run

Brad Miller will only run when he knows its a sure win. Just look at his political history in the NC General Assembly. And then of course the old 13th. As for a fighter in in the House, sure when we were in majority and Pelolsi had his back. I think Brad Miller is a terrific guy and has always done excellent journeymen work for progressive policies and deserves to be saluted and respected for those efforts both in the US House and the NC General Assembly. What Brad Miller is not is a fire in the belly political warrior and he will not allow himself to be cast as one. You can blame gerrymandering...the 43% Democratic registration all you want but the reality is what it is and Brad ain't no progressive warrior.

who was the last one we had a chance to vote for?

judging by the last election, North Carolina appears to not yet have enough sane, thoughtful people to elect a progressive Democrat statewide either.

I have only been following state politics for the last decade or so and I can't remember anyone save a few who ran for Lt. Gov. in '08. who I could call progressive. I ask with sincerity... who has run for statewide office who was progressive? Maybe North Carolina would really like a real Democrat.

That would be zero. And yes a

That would be zero. And yes a real "populist" progressive would sell in NC but your corporate shills like Hagans backers..all alleged democrats(yes with small d)will never let a populist progressive get a sniff of a real power statewide run much less a seat.

Elaine Marshall

Marshall beat the corporate shill Cal Cunningham twice but the DSCC withheld money from her in the 2010 general election so it wouldn't have to deal anything close to a progressive in the US Senate.


Absolutely ...lets by all

Absolutely ...lets by all means settled for a mediocre Democrat leaning individual as opposed to a real honest to God Democrat from the Democratic wing of the party. When will Democrats in this State finally stand up for Democratic values?

When they stop listening to

When they stop listening to the "elected" officeholders, the corp(primarily NC based) shills the who fancy they run the party, and they do, when candidates stop forgetting to mention they are damn democrats because their cocktail friends are conservatives( ha ha ha ha), and stop worrying about the baptist vote.