Kay Hagan one of the Dem Senators stymying health care public option

I've not much to say except to point you to this diary by NYCEVE on DKos. I am stunned that Senator Hagan would take this stance. I called Hagan's office and whoever answered said Senator Hagan hadn't yet decided whether or not to support a public option.

What is it that Senator Hagan doesn't understand?

I think I understand we elected a Republican wearing a Democratic label. If Hagan votes against or doesn't support a public option I think we should start a petition or whatever else it takes, short of a lynching, to get her out of office. NOW.

Contact Hagan here:



Hagan's outlook dims on intranets

Just as we have shown others such as the Iranian people, The intranets have great power.
We can get the change we want by insisting that all elected officials including Hagan give America back to the people. A loud response from us at Blue Nc and also at progressive democrats is needed. We should also all go to the Washington Post and Kos to post our outrage toward Kay Hagans un-blue positions.
We helped a great deal getting her elected and we need to tell her we hold her responsible for her blue dog votes by her constituents.


Even conservative business types are in favor of a public opti

I know a lot of business people, I work with them all day every day, all around the country. Many are very knowledgeable about the health care debate, and most say a public option is the only alternative to expand the access as needed. The only people against a public option are incumbent health insurers.

In view of Hagan's position in favor of tobacco, one of the largest public health hazards in the world, I guess I'm not surprised she's slipped into her obstructionist ruby red shoes when it comes to making sure uninsured people get access to preventative care and early treatment.

Contact Hagan about this now.

At this rate, I might have to reregister as a Democrat in order to run against her in the durn primary.

Step back a sec and look at how she's approached most decisions

She might not go our way on this, but she has proven she will listen. She hasn't made a knee-jerk reaction yet. Call her. Offer her the facts as you see them. I know Stan has/will call, but everyone else should too. If you have personal stories please share them. I know she listens. It doesn't mean she'll vote the way we want her to, but she does weigh all the information she has. We're responsible for making sure she has the information we think she needs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Maybe she will

but I don't believe we're responsible for getting the information she needs. Isn't that her job?

If Hagan's unsure of the need for a public option, that means she hasn't looking into the nature of the problem carefully. That's a problem all by itself.

I spent the morning yesterday with three people who represent the best current thinking among businesses when it comes to health care reform. They understand that access to care/coverage is the lynch pin. No access (or delayed access) means no preventative care and late treatment for illness. That's the formula for disaster we're already living under.

Even free-market types acknowledge that the current system has failed to broaden access - and that a public option would do just that. The only difference between them and us is that they don't give a shit if poor people suffer and die. That's their lot in life, so be it.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know some kind of public option is essential. The shape of that option is open to lots of discussion, but the need for it option is not disputed by anyone who's paying attention to the issue of access.

As I wrote above, only one industry has a problem with a public option: the insurance industry.

No...it is our job

Who do you want filtering the information she has, big pharma/insurance companies or us?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Betsy, I think Hagan has all the info she needs. If not, it's

because she is dumber than a barrel of hair. This was a lynch-pin in the election. Obama knows it. So does Hagan.
The simple truth is that they are screwing us...us being the american poor and middle class. If anyone can't see that paying health care insurance executives $250,000 a day ( CEO United health Care. for example) is counter-productive and a burden to our health care system, then they are purposefully blind.

We need to, in my opinion, stop playing footsie with these people and go after them hard. Kay Hagan is not representing the people who elected her. It's that simple. Who IS she representing and why?

Stan Bozarth

I'm talking about lobbying her, Stan

or...we can just be satisfied to drop a few calls and then bitch, gripe, whine, moan, groan and complain when she doesn't do what we want. The insurance companies are paying millions to lobby our senators and reps. The least we could do is put a little more energy into lobbying them than make a phone call or two to ask questions.

Of course, it is easier to just sit around and complain.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Betsy, I respect your opinion. I agree we need to make

our opinions known to Hagan and the rest of our representatives. I'm certainly not one to simply sit around and complain. However, let's look at the facts: Our current health care system is, by most measures, the most expensive and among the least effective of any in the world. This is not new news. The health care insurance companies have proven time and again that they are more interested in taking care of themselves than taking care of their customers and there is a long and explicit history surrounding the reasons people are demanding real change in our health care system. 47 Million are uninsured. The cost of health care is astronomical. I retired with @ 30 years of service working for a major international corporation. My employer is among the few that has kept it's commitments to retirees..and remains profitable and has properly funded both their retirement and health care benefit trust. Still, my health care insurance costs are @ $10,000 yearly and we pay another $3000 ($1500 deductible each) before our benefits kick in. BTW. I'm on Medicare...so my insurance is essentially a supplemental while it is primary for my wife... who is younger and not yet eligible for medicare. This is a hell of a lot of money...and doesn't include a long term care policy or dental policy we pay for...which is also very expensive.

Meanwhile, the insurance companies are paying their exec's exorbitant compensations and making it exceptionally difficult for their customers to get their claims paid...either at all or on a timely basis. Our elected representatives know all this. It's not new news. So, my question is...why in the hell do we have to keep screaming to get our elected rep's attention? These people KNOW the problem. They themselves don't have the problem because WE PAY FOR their fucking health care. What does it take, Betsy? When do we stop playing footsie with these fuckers? At Hagan's current course and speed we might as well put our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye. She is useless.

Stan Bozarth

It takes a flood of input from constituents

What it doesn't take is giving up before the vote has even happened. We all made that mistake after the whole Evan Bayh mess. Remember? Even I was not happy and we went on and on here about her being a Blue Dog and then she turns around and votes with the Dems on the budget. Funny thing, we haven't heard another word about that ConservaDem working group.

Rally the masses to lobby and don't stop until after the vote.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Senator Hagan has everything she needs except

the voice of millions of Americans who support universal health care behind her. If we have time to write a post or comment on one about Hagan's various stances, then we have time to reach out to Senator Hagan directly about this crucial topic and get family and friends to do so as well. Solidarity.

Thank you....that's my point

nicely said.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

OK, I sent her my message to support the 'public' option...

and I would add one more viewpoint, that this healthcare thing is one of the really big issues that tells if the politician is 'with us', or responds to the lobbying money. With the opinion polls spiking in favor of drastic changes in our healthcare system, and we have Senators completely ignoring this, then we know the payoffs are really big.

I don't think it is about lobby money.

I don't think her problem is over lobby money.
I think she has heard so much ultra conservative thoughts from people like Jesse Helms and George Wallace here in her home territory.
I am finding that many of the working class people here in the south still listen to the right leaning thoughts of the churches in the South.
The man has kept the people down for so long that the people no longer know what to believe.
I believe that if the AMA is against it, then I am for it.
Same with most other of the military industrial complex that Ike warned us of.


What Kay promised

Folks, one of the (many) advantages of live-blogging with candidates is to establish a record we can refer to down the road. On the question of universal healthcare:

I will absolutely work toward the goals of universal coverage. First of all, we are going to have a Democratic President in November, and when we do, we’ll finally be able to address and get results on one of the biggest, if not THE biggest domestic policy issue for millions of Americans.

Since 2001, premiums for family health coverage have increased 78%, and now an estimated 47 million Americans are uninsured. Washington is broken.

We need to change the way we deliver health care by standing up to special interests and negotiating lower drug prices and lower premiums. We need to focus on prevention, chronic disease management and implement cost-saving mechanisms such as electronic records.

I’m not going to sit here and make a declaration that we’ll have universal health care plan over night – we won’t. But if you send people like me to Washington, we’ll get there.

In her first sentence, her use of the plural "goals" is very instructive, and fits with later points about lowering costs, including the costs of premiums. She does not talk about public (government managed) or single-payer approach, and (as far as I can tell) has never done so.

Now, many of us here (including me) want to see a government-managed universal health care plan put in place, but what we're talking about constitutes a radical shake-up of the system. Which it does need desperately, in my opinion, but we shouldn't look at Kay's hesitance as an outright dismissal of the public's desires or any kind of flip-flop from her previous positions.

Tell her what you want, and tell her why you think it will work. She's smart, and (I believe) she's also really concerned about those 47 million uninsured as well as the huge premiums the others are paying.

I voice my opinions

I try to email Senator hagan often with my thoughts about different issues. I also call her on really big issues such as healthcare and EFCA.
I hope she can stand with those that helped to elect her.
While I do not like all of her positions, I think her vote on the stimulus was a key to even keeeping any of my support.
She is making it hard for this old liberal to ever trust a centerist again.
This is a defining issue for me.
I say we need to protest outside her offices in North Carolina on the 25th of June. I can't afford to get to DC. If there is an activist bus, I am all for it! And on board!


Good comment, Steve.

I get your point, though I find her approach frustrating and uninspiring. A public plan will be part of the solution eventually. Anyone who has looked seriously at that issue agrees that the goals of universal access cannot be met by free-market options. The questions involve when and how.

"When" is critical and the timing must be now. Every day people go without preventative care because of lack of coverage, we're compounding the problem and kicking responsibility into the future for someone else to solve. .

Bigger still are issues involving the shape and details of the plan. Senator Hagan would serve all North Carolinians better if she stood by her promises and began working to make something happen.

Message Sent to Senator Hagan

How did the insurance companies get in charge of healthcare? Why are they?



There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon

that wasn't my message to Sen Hagan

it was my message here.


There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon

Democratic Senators

are whining because the say they don't have the votes a public option. How pathetic is that? They haven't even had the friggin' debate yet, and they're already capitulating.


Again, I point out -- 76% of Americans want this "public option." That's a mandate, as close as you can possibly get in red-blue-purple-whatever America. The fact that we're struggling to find 51 senators willing to do what the public demands, rather than what the insurance companies want, demonstrates how badly even three-quarters of America can be outnumbered by the interests of a single industry.

It is pitiful. Disgraceful, in fact.

They are behaving with the spine of a mollusk.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Different poll

Democracy Corps got a different result:

We are convinced that the country will support comprehensive health care reform — if progressives respect how voters will assess our plans, provide key information about how reform will work (particularly to reduce costs) and if the president carries forward with his educative role. This conclusion is based on our most current survey, which shows a plurality for the Obama plan, but short of a majority — which gets larger after a robust debate. The survey replicates questions we asked in 1993 when President Clinton launched his health care reform plans, and I write about those findings in the latest New Republic. I hate the subtitle, “Why health care reform could fail again” — which I did not write. It should have read, “Why progressives have to get serious about health care reform.”

The breakdown.

Tell me what I can do.

I just read on dkos that Daschle says to scrap the public plan and staffers at the WH and at Dem Senator offices in even blue states are getting more "NO" calls than "YES" calls. .... but the poll numbers show clear popular support for a public option among Americans. WTF?? Have all you other Dems gotten so disgusted you've just given up? Come on ... bunch a damn quitters!!! Get your fucking game shoes on and take the field. They are kicking our asses on the switchboards. I am at work and cannot call but will tomorrow at lunch. I HAVE emailed Hagan and Burr and Etheridge. Form letter not relavent to my email from Hagan, nothing from Burr, nice supportive letter from Etheridge. I've asked my friends to do the same. Next step? Do I go visit my Senators? I will take a day off work and do that if it would really counteract the Lobbyist onslaught they're getting. Seriously. Tell me what I need to do. I'm so disgusted and mortified at our Democratic leadership right now I could just chew nails.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Show up on the 25th at her office

I have been trying to start interest in either a picket line in front of her offices or an activist bus to DC on the 25th for the healthcare policy rally. Progressive Democrats of America is one of the places where more information such as the address is available.
Are we watching the cajones the Iranian people have?


I'll be there with you!

However I will tell you, folks who have been to her office in Greensboro have told me that it is not staffed. The lights are on but there's no one home.

the power is ours to use

Get active again, we dropped the ball along with our President and Congressional leaders.
We must seize the day on our own.
Shuffling the deck chairs will do nothing. Either single payer, public option or don't waste our time and funds.


Hagan on the hot seat?

A second source that Hagan is holding up the inclusion of a public plan in the mix. Not good.

Probably based on the first

There are several examples out there on the web, all of them say "rumored."

Her office really needs to be more proactive about this.


One good proactive thing to do would be to have the right position on something that three-quarters of American citizens support. That would make the whole perception thing a lot easier to manage.


You mean...

...support single-payer?

As far as I'm concerned, all you "public-option" people are just a bunch of lily-livered collaborators. Robust public option my ass...


Know what you mean, but I'd appreciate it so much more if she'd just come out and say "Look, I have some serious doubts about how this is going to work and whether or not there is sound fiscal policy behind this bill as it's currently written. This bill needs work." I could live with that.

Yes, no; up, down--talk to your constituents, Senator.

The problem is this

The for-profit only model of health insurance is about as far from sound fiscal policy as anything can get. It's unsustainable. It doesn't produce anywhere near the value other systems get from their investments, and it leaves 40+ million people uninsured. THAT's unsound fiscal policy.

If Hagan's not onboard, it's because she's looking at short term issues, not strategic value. That's one of the big problems with elected officials. They're usually happy to punt challenges to another generation if it means they can avoid taking heat from friends and supporters.

Kay leans hard in the direction of corporate interests. And she's not alone ... which is exactly why our healthcare system is such a freakin' nightmare.

Not just rumor

An administration official directly involved in healthcare reform told me in DC last weekend that the Senate is an obstacle to the President's plans and that, of all the things that North Carolinians could be doing to help, encouraging Kay Hagan to be supportive of Obama's plans would be the most useful. It's not just rumor.