Kay Hagan follow-up ... and follow through

A topic of some debate last year on BlueNC was Kay Hagan's true standing on LGBT rights.  Some saw her race against Jim Neal (among three other candidates) in the Democratic primary as a slight or outright hostility to LGBT rights.

To further lay any of that to rest, US Senator Hagan will be a keynote speaker at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Carolinas gala this year.  (www.hrccarolinas.org)  HRC is the nation's largest LGBT advocacy group in Washington.  Their annual Carolinas gala is second in size only to their annual national gala in DC.

NC blogger Matt Comer reported on this earlier in the year, as did Pam Spaulding.

I'll link to Matt's summary of the posts. http://insidesource.q-notes.com/2009/01/11/hagan-hrc/

Hagan and Neal were both at this event last year.  Some cynics would say they both trolling for votes and money, and would never be heard from again. 

Well, Hagan's back.  Attending this event didn't hurt her in the general election, and she's sticking by her LGBT friends after the election.

I hope other NC politicians - and party leaders - take note.


Here, here!

or hear, hear!  Good for Kay ... and thanks for the report.

This is a good sign.

I am starting to heart Kay more and more.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I'm a bit confused here...someone can set me straight I'm sure

When President Obama was a candidate for prez, he pronounced adamantly that he was not supportive of "marriage" being anything but meaning "between a man and a woman".  Now, If I'm wrong on this, I certainly won't be offended by someone correcting me, honestly.  I really don't want to get into that discussion here, mainly because it's certainly a "hot button" issue for many and all it does at the end of the day is create hard feelings.  But, what I'm seeing now from this thread is both gratitude that Hagan is going to address this group but at the same time curiosity about her presentation.  

What is the expectation?  What is the left/demos wanting from this address?  

Just a question...and not meant to be divisive.


The best thinking is independent thinking.

I'll speak for myself regarding Hagan

My expectation is to not be used as a gay ATM prior to the election, then tossed overboard when it's time to stand for equality after the election. (Do you hear that NC state Senate Democratic leadership and advisors?)

In my view, Senator Hagan is demostrating her consistency by keynoting this event after the election, as I beleive she has done during her state senate career.

Smitty, you may be picking up that others disagree with me on her history, but that's OK.

I don't sense any curiosity about her presentation or any specific expectation from her speech at this particular event.  It's just an example of consistency and follow-through by a politician. 

Her repudiation of Dole's anti-equality stances in the US Senate is fine by me (not co-sponsoring a marriage amendment, voting for the hate crimes bill, co-sponsoring ENDA, etc.)


1st year in the Senate.

I think it is very important to look at what politicians do their first year in the Senate. Or, even their second-fourth years. They have SIX YEARS before they have to face the electorate again and they can get away with a lot. So, I guess I see showing up at an event like this the same way you do, that she is walking the walk.

Maybe that Liddy Dole ad pissed her off and she's going to do what she thinks is right BECAUSE she is a moral person. You know, Liddy tried to paint her as an "atheist" because she had acquantainces who were atheists. Well, what if they were? I'm pretty sure Jesus would have been on Senator Hagan's side in that fight.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

My curiosity is this

We've seen Hagan on both sides of the LGBT issue...if I'm wrong here, just correct me and I'll accept it.  Today?  She's certainly what most of us want to see her presenting herself as (I'm for equal rights for the LGBT community with one exception I think can be discussed on another thread).  Like the first post on this thread said...it was nebulous in the beginning to start with on Hagan's true feelings.  Hey, I'm the first to admit I've changed my views in a big way on a great many issues that I now see as paramount for we humans to exist peacefully together.  I just asked the question.  It's not a slant...just questioning the issue with regard to Hagan.

Many conservative republicans and conservative democrats alike are not exactly on the side of "equality" on this issue...and that's not something to be argued.  It's just true.  I just don't want to have a "politician" representing my state that sways with what is the best opinion politically rather than what is the best for our people in America and our state.

We all should think that way, in my opinion.

The best thinking is independent thinking.