Kay, don't let them off the hook

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone was just on Keith Olbermann's Countdown where he called out Sen. Kay Hagan for wanting to give the big corporations who shelter money offshore a big tax break if they bring their funds home.

This is what Hagan’s spokesperson said:

Senator Hagan is looking closely at any creative, short-term measures that can get bipartisan support and put people back to work. One such potential initiative is a well-crafted and temporary change to the tax code that encourages American companies to bring money home and put it towards capital, investment, and–most importantly–American jobs.

Yeah, except they don't invest in us, they just keep lining their own pockets.


For those who don’t know about it, tax repatriation is one of the all-time long cons and also one of the most supremely evil achievements of the Washington lobbying community, which has perhaps told more shameless lies about this one topic than about any other in modern history – which is saying a lot, considering the many absurd things that are said and done by lobbyists in our nation’s capital.