Katie Halper, Aaron and John on DNC PUMAs,Palin, and the 'Biden Jazzy Lunge'

So here is the convention week wrap up folks, straight from Denver's own Aaron Silverstein and John E. from Square State along with the Katie Halper of Netroots Nation/Huffpo/open left etc.

If you are looking for a chance to take a funny look at the convention week, check out these videos...
Aaron, John and Katie catch all of your favs from last week, including what the PUMAs are really all about, McCain's incomprehensible Palin pick, Biden's new dance move (the 'electric Biden' perhaps?) along with a few pokes at Rove understudy Dick Wadhams, aka Dick Wadhams, because you can't make that name up.

more on the PUMA interview:

and more from John E. and Aaron Silverstein on the D and D levels of status of the delegates and credentials, Katie Couric and McCain's 'Alaska Firewall.'

btw the Chuck D and Jim Hightower video will be up on Monday





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