Justice at Smithfield

Next Monday is International Human Rights Day, and Justice@Smithfield supporters plan to commemorate by drawing attention to human rights abuses at Smithfield's Tar Heel Plant. Working conditions at the plant rank among the most brutal in the United States, and, in years past, were even profiled by the international watchdog Human Rights Watch.

As many of you know, television chef Paula Deen has become the paid public spokeswoman for the company. This holiday season, you'll be seeing her face turn up on pork products at your local supermarket, many of which originate from the plant in Tar Heel. With such high visibility and influence within the company, we believe that Paula is in a unique position to steer the company toward a more humane path. But we need your help!

On Monday, December 10
Contact Paula
Ask Her to Be a Human Rights Leader for Smithfield!

Call Her Up at her Savannah Restaurant:
(912) 233-2600

Or Use the Email Contact Form on Her Website
For the past two weeks, Paula has been traveling the country to promote her new recipe book. At every stop along the way, from Washington to Chicago to Minneapolis to Portland, supporters of Smithfield's Tar Heel workers have been asking her, very publicly, to stand up for the rights of the workers. And word is starting to spread. Last week the Chicago Sun Times ran a column asking her to "put reality on the menu." And in an appearance on NPR's Diane Rehm Show last Wednesday, the final fifteen minutes were entirely dedicated to worker abuses at the plant. [listen]

On Monday, December 10th, supporters will be welcoming Paula back home, with a Human Rights Day demonstration in Savannah, Georgia. If you're in the area, or you know folks in that neck of the woods, you can join up with them at both 11:30 A.M. or 5:30 P.M. on the corner of Whitaker and Congress Streets in Downtown Savannah.

For everybody that can't make it to Savannah, please take a moment to call or Email Paula personally, and ask her to be a leader for human rights at Smithfield!

For More Background Information on human rights problems at Smithfield's Tar Heel plant, you can read the Human Rights Watch Reports "Unfair Advantage" and "Blood Sweat and Fear."

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It's really hard to find pork products around here that are not Smithfield. I've found myself going to the Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and even Piggly Wiggly managers' offices and asking them to use a different company. I was met with blank stares.

:::sigh::: We like ham.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi


This year we bought into a food coop here in Orange County that came with a half a hog!

Good heavens!

half a hog!

I don't think we like ham that much. :)

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

pork products

the pork products not to buy are a certain code, the other smithfield products are made in union plants in other states.
I am afraid I dont have the numbers to look for on the package, because I dont really buy pork anyway.
Go to their websiteJustice at Smithfield.



I didn't know that - although, it's all the same company, is it not?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

how to find out if it is made in this non Union- Tar Heel Plant

Find out if your supermarket carries Smithfield products from the Tar Heel plant. Most—but not all—Smithfield pork products are packaged with the Smithfield logo. At some supermarket chains, including Harris Teeter, the store brand bacon is a Smithfield product, although you wouldn’t know it from the logo on the package.

You can always tell by checking the product code:

Product # EST 18079 or EST 79C means your pork comes from Smithfield’s Tar Heel Plant.


this really is an embarrassment to our state

With all the progressive vision and action in North Carolina, it's embarrassing that one of the highest profile abuses of human rights in the United States occurs an hour outside the Triangle.

While I'm all about the serenity prayer, this ought to be something that I can help change.

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Thomas Jefferson said you always get the rulers you deserve.

no oversight

yes--that is one emotion.

i drove to the plant and had a tour---there is a county that needs a factory--- they need someone to employ people--- so we are all at the mercy, with no oversight.

everyone needs oversight.

the owner of smithfield makes an amazingly large profit--- and Many people would not eat pork if they watched it being processsed and no one would allow their kid to work there if they knew the way they are treated.
But many travel two hours to get this job and take a bus home and I guess it is the best they can do.